5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Derbyshire

Welcome back to another Friday where we talk about the great places to walk your dog across the country. Last week we looked at Kent, and this week we’re moving on to Derbyshire. Maybe you’ll find a new place to explore in this exciting installment.

1. Mam Tor

Mam Tor

Mam Tor is a truly breathtaking site. A really central part of the Peak District, this is a highly recommended place for walking. The wind can be quite strong here, but as long as you brace yourself it shouldn’t hit you too hard! Your dog will really love this place too, as its great for them to explore, although there are some areas that recommend you keep them on a lead. If you enjoy exploring magnificent landscapes, this is the place for you.

2. Crich Tramway Village

Crich Tramway Village

I have to start this with saying what a great little place this is, both for families and dogs. The dogs are even welcome on the rides! Crich Tramway Village is also wheelchair friendly, and this place is perfect for everyone. The museum has been recommended by the Dogs Trust as a dog friendly venue, and while they have to be kept on the lead, it’s sure to be a fun day for everyone – just don’t let your dogs into the catering area!

3. Longdendale Trail

Longdendale Trail

whether you cycle or walk, this trail is for you. It’s beautiful, and if you’re into the supernatural you might want to keep an eye out for the ghosts of the Roman soldiers that pass through the hills. If you and your dog enjoy games while you walk, why not pick up a Beco Ball from our online shop and bring it along? There is something serene about this trail, and if you are the type who enjoys long and peaceful walks (this one is seven miles!) then this is the route for you.

4. Monsal Trail

Monsal Trail

Another Peak District walk, this trail is both accessible and good exercise. There are nearly nine miles of trail as you walk along what used to be a railway line, but is now a great place for you and your dog to walk. Perfect for games of fetch and strolling, this route offers all of the best things about dog walks.

5. Hayfield to Kinder Scout

Hayfield to Kinder Scout

If you and your dog are very energetic creatures there is little better than this intense walk. Great for hikers and their dogs, there are a number of great trails that you and your dog can walk. Be sure to go prepared for a truly excellent and picturesque hike. When you and your furry friend are thoroughly exhausted there is a lovely little dog friendly pub at the end of your route.

Thank you for reading another week of 5 great places to walk your dog! Next week we will be looking at the county of Cumbria. Be sure to check back next Friday!

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Devon

Another week, and another update on the great places to walk your dog. As usual, we have five places to show you that we think would be great for you and your furry friend. Sit back and enjoy our continued guide across the country.

1. Haldon Forest Park

Haldon Forest Park

This week I’m going to start with the wheelchair accessible route. This place is really good for those of you who are not physically able and have a hard time getting around. There are actually quite a large number of trails you can take, and the majority of them are solid tracks so you won’t come across any bumps in the road on your travels. Aside from you loving this area, your dog is going to go mad for it. If there’s one thing I have found with dogs over the years (through walking our own) it’s that they love walking through forests. New smells, new dogs, what more could your dog want? A sweet cafe and toilet facilities are available on site, and I will say that parking is expensive, but well worth the walk.

2. Northam Burrows

Northam Burrows

This great site combines grassland and the beach. It acts as an access point to the stretch of beach in the village Westward Ho! and will surely leave your dog exhausted. The burrows are a site of scientific importance due to the wildlife and habitats there. There is a rule that if you are asked to put your dog on a lead you must, but there is still the beach to walk and run along should that happen. The burrows are so picturesque that it’s something I do not recommend missing. This area is made up of salt marshes, sand dunes, grassland, and a two mile beach. After this walk your dog is sure to need a long sleep, and we would recommend one of our deeply dishy dog beds and a sumptuous faux fur blanket to keep them extra warm and snuggly.

3. Stover Country Park

Stover Country Park

Once again, I bring you a glorious mish-mash of places to explore in the form of this beautiful Devon conservation. There are 114 acres of woodland, heathland, marsh, and lake for you and your furry friend to travel across. Through this there are places for your dog to swim (which is great exercise), and then forest and heathland for them to run across in order to get dry again. Dogs enjoy new places, and with all the scents and sounds that come with this area, your dog is going to be sure to want to come again. There is a vast number of wildlife living in this conservation area, and if you’ve come prepared with lunch the picnic area is the perfect place to view these creatures from.

4. Exmouth Seafront

Exmouth Seafront

Exmouth seafront is a vast and really excellent beach. Dogs will love this place, especially those who are quite partial to paddling in the sea. As with most large beaches, there are restrictions in the summer in that some parts of the beach do not allow dogs (and there’s a fine if you let them on) but during the winter you pretty much have free reign over where your dog wants to walk, run, and play. If you’ve brought the children along on this venture there is a fun park on the seafront that they are sure to enjoy. As with most beaches, there is certainly something for everyone here!

5. Mount Edgecumbe Country Park

Mount Edgecumbe Country Park

This country park is really quite exquisite. The park is situated by a grand house (perfect for the historian dog walker) and consists of a number of different park areas. The piece de resistance is the deer park (although it is advisable to keep dogs that might want to chase deer on the lead), and it takes a really peaceful, picturesque route. There are forts and a temple elsewhere on the grounds, as well as a collection of over a hundred different types of tree. If that wasn’t enough, you can contI use to follow the different trails until you reach the beaches and cliffs – which make beautiful places to walk. In many ways I feel I’ve saved the best until last with this outstanding dog walk.

Well, so concludes another week of the places to walk your dog. Hopefully, you’ve found a new place to explore and you and your companion will have many new and exciting adventures there. Next week, we’re mixing things up a little and moving up north for a look at the 5 great places to walk your dog in Derbyshire.

Snug As A Pug In a Rug! Luxury Blankets and Beds

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5 Places to Walk Your Dog: Kent

Here we are with another week of 5 places to walk your dog. This week, we’re looking at Kent and the wonderful places you can take your furry friend. As we work our way across the country, feel free to suggest the counties you would like to see appear sooner in the comments. Here we go with our list of five places…

1. Mote Park

Mote Park

Mote Park is Maidstone’s largest public park, and consist of 450 acres of land with a 30 acre lake. This location is great for walking the dog, but also for taking your family out while you do so. There are masses of land for you to walk through with your dog, but there is also a large play area, a small gold course, and a model boating lake that your family can enjoy. During the summer months, there is a miniature railway that runs through it, definitely something to consider on a fun day out. Should you require refreshment after your dog walk, there are some quaint little cafes that you can stop at on your way home. Definitely a great place to walk and enjoy yourself!

2. King’s Wood

King’s Wood

This is a beautiful and unique place to walk. Even looking at the pictures of this magnificent forested area you get a sense of grandeur and age. King’s Wood has a variety of different tracks that you can follow – from hard stone paths to small woodland trails – and there is a path for every kind of walker. While it is evident there have been some complaints about the lack of signage across the wood, it really adds to the sense of peaceful solitude and many argue that it adds a certain something, just try not to get lost.

3. Shorne Woods County Park

Shorne Woods County Park

As always, I find it important to include sites that are especially friendly to those who have difficulty walking or are in a wheelchair. Shorne Woods County Park is especially friendly to walkers such as this, with both disabled access and disabled toilets en route. There are 300 acres of land for you to explore with your dog, and if your dog doesn’t enjoy this vast landscape I don’t know what it will. Woodland and rivers have to be some of the best combinations for dogs, and that’s exactly what this park offers you. At the end of your adventurous walk, there’s a lovely little cafe and a restaurant that you can visit afterwards.

4. Jeskyn’s Country Park

Jeskyn’s Country Park

Once again, another great place for walking and exploring. Dogs are very welcome here, and as long as you abide by the rules for certain areas (by keeping your dog on a lead in them) there will be no issues. On top of that, there’s a Jeskyn’s Country Park dog club where you receive a free goody bag on registration, which is a great way to help make dog walkers and visitors aware of the park rules and also aids in educating people when it comes to cleaning up after your dog. This forest is a wonderful place for walking and exploring and is highly recommended, and when you don’t feel like walking through the forest there is a vast field that dog walkers are very much welcome to use – especially for game of fetch!

5. Cobtree Manor Park

Cobtree Manor Park

Featuring a mature woodland, this park makes for beautiful and relaxing walks with your furry friend. Dogs are very welcome here, and for those of you that enjoy plant life, this park has some of the finest and most extraordinary around, it even has it’s own elephant house. The fields that surround the area and the small lakes should be great fun for excited dogs. There is playground equipment available for the younger family members, as well as a cafe for when you start to feel a little hungry or thirsty. Currently, the park is working it’s way towards becoming more accessible, and so those of you who have difficulty getting around may also be interested in visiting this stunning parkland.

So concludes this week’s installment of the 5 great places to walk your dog. When it comes to playing with your dogs in these great places, we highly recommend the Beco Ball on a Rope for long and exciting games of fetch with your dog. Hopefully, you have found an exciting new place to walk either within the area you live or out of it (for those extra long adventures). Next week, we will be looking at the places to walk in Devon, so remember to check back on Friday!

Toys Are a Dog’s Best Friend

If there is one thing that dog’s love, aside from food, it’s their toys. For dogs they are fun and stimulating (and for those of us with particular hyper dogs they often give us a half hour break from their antics). At Philomena London we stock a great range of toys, and today we’re going to take you through a few of them.

1. Beco Balls – £5 for medium, £4 for small.

Green Beco Ball

The classic toy for dogs has always been the ball. Great for playing fetch or just keeping your dog happy, our Beco balls come in small and medium sizes, and in two different colours (blue and green). The great thing about Beco is that their products are good for both your pet and the environment. They are made from natural rubber and rice husk fibres, and the BecoBall is non-toxic, so if your pet does happen to swallow a piece of the toy, it is more likely to break down or pass through without causing any damage. The irregular shape of the ball will hold your dog’s interest for longer – which is good for everyone as they are occupied and you won’t end up going through so many balls. Not only this, but if you plan on going out for a few hours and your dog needs a distraction, fill the ball with kibble for a stimulating game to keep your dog occupied while you’re away.

2. Beco Ball on a Rope, £9 large, £6 small


As you can see by the picture, Philomena is a massive fan of the Beco ball on a rope. All of our dogs have Beco toys and they are living proof that they are durable and an excellent source of entertainment. The Beco ball on a rope is made from the same material as the balls above and it’s just as durable. The balls are great for long-distance fetch, as the rope will allow you to throw it that bit further and help your dog get a really good run. This toy has to be one of our favourites here at Philomena London! The small comes in pink and green, and the large comes in green or blue.

3. Beco Hoop, £7 large, £4 small

Green Beco Hoop

Made from the same materials as the Beco balls, these hoops are just excellent for your dog. They’re durable and stretchy, and so are great for games of tug or long-distance throwing. The materials they are made from give them a lovely vanilla scent as well. The large comes in green, and the small comes in the same colour.

4. Beco Bone, £4 small, £7.99 large

Large Beco bone

This bone is made from the same material as all of our other Beco toys, making it durable and great fun for your dog. Much like the Beco balls, this bone allows for you to stuff it with treats when you go out to keep your dog stimulated and entertained (especially if you have a dog who needs that kind of stimulation to prevent them from being destructive). Our small bones come in pink, and the large ones are available in green. These bones are great, so I would strongly recommend picking one up!

5. Beco Jungle Double Knot Rope, £4 per toy

Beco Jungle Double Knot Rope

Rope toys have been forever popular among dogs, and when it comes to playing games of tug, these rope toys are perfect. Whether you;re the one playing the game, or you have more than one dog and they enjoy games of tug together, you can’t go wrong with a rope toy – especially one made by Beco. The rope toy is made from a vibrant cotton and hemp mix, it is 100% natural. Hemp is durable, non-toxic and sustainable to grow – making the Jungle Double Knot safer for your dog and better for the environment, plus hemp can help clean your dog’s teeth, which is always beneficial as gum disease can be a common issue in dogs. They contain no synthetic materials – this also allows them to breakdown leaving no landfill footprint.


Whether you’re looking for your dog or a friend’s, Philomena London always has a lot to offer when it comes to looking after your pets. We have a section for cats too, as they can be just as important to us, and next time we will have a look at some of the products we stock for your feline companions. Until then, check out the website by clicking here and we hope this post has provided you with a few ideas for toys for your dogs.

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Surrey

Here we are with another Friday update on the great places to walk your dog. This week, we’re moving onto Surrey – an area where I feel there are many great places to walk and adventure. You never know, you may find a new weekend walking spot.

1. Virginia Water

Virginia Water

This is my favourite place to walk in Surrey, and while these sites are not generally in order of preference, there’s a reason I placed this walking spot first. Firstly, it’s a great place to bring your family for a day out as there are plenty of places to picnic, as well as a restaurant where you can enjoy excellent food and an equally wonderful view. Dogs are very welcome at Virginia Water, and are generally able to walk off the lead.  Dogs must be kept on the lead in the Deer Park, the Virginia Water Pavilion, The Valley Gardens, the Obelisk Lawn, and the Savill Building (well behaved dogs only). Don’t forget to visit the totem pole! However, there are thousands of acres for your furry friends to run across as well as plenty of places to swim and play. In fact, our Beco Balls would be perfect for games of fetch here…

2.  River Wey

River Wey


In Pyrford there’s the picturesque, romantic, River Wey – a popular location for walking the dog. They’re allowed off the lead everywhere except by the golf course, and the walk is just lovely. It takes about an hour and a half to get around the whole route, but it’s well worth it,  and is quite accessible for those who have some difficulty walking. If you don’t feel like your whole walk being river based, there are some fields surrounding the area that are great for games of catch and running with other dogs. The Anchor Inn is nearby if you fancy stopping off for some lunch or dinner after your walk, and from what I’ve heard it’s a very warm and welcoming place to go.

3. Bushy Park

Bushy Park


Even the name of this park makes it sound like a great place to walk – and it is. Situated near Hampton Court Palace, it is one of the eight Royal Parks (and the second largest). It’s perfect for the dog walker and wildlife lover alike, as the park consists of woodland, ponds, gardens, and grasslands, so there is something for everyone to enjoy on this adventurous route. After you’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the deer, and walking to you heart’s content, there’s a lovely restaurant for you to stop at to quench your thirst and perhaps grab a bite to eat after your long journey. With all these different areas to explore, it’s bound to be fun for dog and owner alike.

4. Puttenham Common

Puttenham Common

This common is made up of what was once a large area of lowland heath, but it boasts a thriving fungi population during the autumn, for those of you that are interested in plant life. There is an abundance of trees, as well as two ponds that are great for observing water life, but also give an aesthetic appeal to the walk. The route is scenic and quite lovely, and the vast stretch of land gives your dog plenty of room to roam and explore. For those of you interested in history and archaeology, the main feature of this great walking spot is the iron age hill fort which is a key interest, as well as the surrounding area being associated with WWII.

5. Alice Holt Forestry

Alice Holt Forestry

Near to Farnham, we have this beautiful forest area. There are a number of different walks that you can go on, some that focus on exercise, like the Nordic walking, and others that revolve around general wandering. The Nordic walking is excellent if you’re looking for good exercise and a fun way to do it. When it comes to those of you that find it difficult to get around or are in a wheelchair, there are easy access trails that will allow you to take your dog out with ease as they are suitable for wheelchairs. The longest walk is 2.5 miles, and will take you through pond land , although it is a really lovely walk. There are a variety of routes, and each of them are equal in beauty and pleasure when it comes to walking them. When you have finished walking your dog, there’s even a little cafe that you can stop at on your way home if you fancy taking a break before the journey back.


So that concludes our look at five great places to walk in Surrey. Hopefully, you have found a place that looks interesting to you for you and your friend to go walking in. After all the adventuring that they will be doing, we’re pretty sure that they’ll want to snuggle down in one of our Beco Pet Beds for a comfortable night’s sleep! Next week, we will be looking at five great places to walk in Kent as we work our way across the country.