5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Shropshire

Another week, and another installment in our epic tour across the country, highlighting the five best places to walk your dog in each county. This week we’re moving up to Shropshire. Hopefully you’ll find some great places to walk your dog, and so without further ado here we have the top 5…

1. Ludlow Castle

Ludlow Castle

For the historic dog walker, this walk adds a little bit of history to your experience. The surfaces are generally very hard, and so I would recommend this for those of you that have difficulty walking. There are one or two steep hills but these are avoidable as there are other routes if need be. Situated by a beautiful river, your dog can run free and play in the surrounding area. Be sure to visit the cafe after for some refreshment!

2. Granville Country Park

Granville Country Park

This country park is perfect for those long, relaxing walks. Whether it’s summer or winter, you and your furry friend are sure to enjoy this walk. If you stick to the main path it’s very smooth and flat, which is good for any of you who have difficulty with mobility. If you feel like exploring there are several smaller, rockier paths that you can take instead which are great for exploration.

3. Vinnalls Loop

Vinnalls Loop

This walk is just great. Filled with hills and forest, it’s a place of exploration gone mad. As if that wasn’t enough to keep your dog happy there’s also water on route that your dog will no doubt dive straight into. This walk is big and bold, so you best be prepared for a good work out! There are some areas with livestock on the route, and in these areas you must put your dog on a lead, so don’t forget.

4. Blackpool Loop

Blackpool Loop

For the archaeologist within you, this route is a plethora of discoveries from ancient quarries to Iron Age hill forts – you’d be a fool not to check it out! Aside from that, this walk has wide open spaces and some wooded areas that your dog is sure to love running through. If your dog worries livestock, be sure to watch out for the areas containing them so you can put them on a lead though! Other than that, this walk is sure to be relaxing and enjoyable for you both.

5. Ironbridge


If you find yourself looking for a lead walk that is pleasant and interesting, then perhaps you will consider this route. A key part of our history, Ironbridge is really quite spectacular, and dogs are welcome pretty much everywhere around it (and by that I mean the castles and other historical sites) as long as they are on the lead. Perhaps take some time to admire this historic town, and maybe visit a few of the local pubs and cafes for a nice lunch or dinner.


Thank you for reading another week of 5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog. Next week we will be looking at Hertfordshire, so watch this space! Until then, why not nip over to our website and maybe think about stocking up on dog walking supplies – don’t forget your poo bags!

3 Luxury Blankets Your Dog Will Love

At Philomena London we pride ourselves on providing the best for your dog. In this installment of our blog we will be presenting 3 luxury blankets your dog will love. After all, they deserve the best don’t they?

1. Charley Chau Double Fleece Dog Blanket (£38)

Everydog deserves to be warm and snuggly, and with this fleece blanket they will be! Available in medium and large, there’s no reason for your dog not to love this. The great thing about this blanket is that it’s easy to wash (especially when you have muddy dogs like ours) and they’re great on the floor, in the car, or protecting the couch from doggy paws. Available also in charcoal and oyster.


2. Charley Chau Faux Fur Blankets (£60-70)

These blankets have to be some of our most popular. These faux fur blankets are actually made from the same material as throws for humans, and I can confirm they are just as soft! You might even find yourself stealing this from your furry friend from time to time! Machine washable, and so easier to clean than most furry blankets, these faux fur blankets are sure to offer your dog comfort and style. Available in charcoal, foxy, oatmeal, silver fox, and snow leopard.


3. Charley Chau Faux Fur Fleece Comforter (£38-55)

These beds are cute and comfortable, something that we’re sure all dogs will love. They have a multitude of uses as a blanket, bed liner, on the sofa, in the back of the car, as a travel mat…and that’s just to name a few. They’re not always apparent as dog beds, and so if you’re like us and use them when guests come over, we have found they’ve never noticed that they are dog beds before! Like all Charley Chau products, these are made with love and care, and they’re incredibly soft and comfortable. Your dog deserves the best, and these certainly are!


Thanks for reading, and we hope that you were able to find a blanket for your dog, or perhaps piqued you interest about what we stock here at Philomena London. Want to check out the website? Click here and feel free to have a browse. Be sure to check in next time and see what we have to offer!

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: West Midlands

Here we are with another Friday post on the great places to walk your dog. This week we are focusing on the West Midlands, and so for those of you that live in and around the area it’s finally your turn! I’m sure you will find some great places to explore this week, and you and your dog will have a great time.

1. Barr Beacon

Barr Beacon

Both a historical site and a nature reserve, this walk is great for the dog walkers that enjoy these two areas of interest. For those of you that enjoy stargazing this place is just perfect for that as well. After all, the walk is about both you and your dog enjoying themselves. The area is really quite beautiful and consists mainly of flat land with some hilly areas. In fact, I would say that this location would be a great place for you to use one of you Beco Balls for playing fetch with your dog. They’re bound to love it as well as get some great exercise.

2. Malvern Hills

Malvern Hills

With several different commons to walk across, this location is definitely one that you’ll have to come back to. Partly because you definitely cannot get across all of it in one walk, but also because it’s just really lovely and one visit really isn’t enough. You might just find this is your new regular walking spot! A word of warning, however. If your dog does not like livestock or tends to worry them, I would not suggest that you walk them here as there are sheep about that are used to keep the grass down and generally maintain the area.

3. Kingsbury Water Park

Kingsbury Water Park

Here, there are lots of open spaces for your dog to play in. A family friendly park, this area has a lot to offer. Of course, some restrictions to access for your dogs and rules with leads do apply in certain areas, like the children’s play area, but other than that this park is just brilliant for relaxing walks with your family. With places to eat in the area, you might want to try out some of the treats and coffee available either on the way there or perhaps after you’ve gone for your adventure.

4. Kinver Edge

Kinver Edge

Forests and hills always make for an interesting dog walk, and Kinver Edge is no exception. As you walk you may notice there are houses built into the rocks, which is quite interesting to look at and learn about. Your furry friend is sure to find this walk just great, especially considering the woodland area. When you get to the summit there is a glorious view that is quite difficult to beat. before you continue through wood and field. Be sure to go prepared for a long and energetic walk – I know your dog will be!

5. Clent Hills

Clent Hills

This place is nothing short of dog paradise. Pools, forest, mud, and open grassland are sure to be a utopia for your canine companion. The rustic paths will lead you through fields and woodland, all of which will offer exciting new sounds and smells to your dog, as well as an excellent adventure for you. Be sure to wear wellies in the winter and spring months as there is no guarantee you’ll get out of there mud-free! The dog friendly pubs nearby can offer you some warming food as a reward for your arduous walking, but it’s sure to be a great experience for you and your best friend.


Thank you for reading another week of the 5 great places to walk your dog! Next week we will be looking at Shropshire, and so as we move up north those of you in the area should look forward to some great places to walk this time next week! Stay tuned!

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Cornwall

Here is another Friday of the great places to walk your dog across the country. This week we’re taking a look at the beautiful Cornwall and all the lovely places you and your dog can go for a pleasant stroll. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a place to walk this week!

1. Cardinham Woods

Cardinham Woods

The first place I’m showing you this week is very friendly towards those of you who need a more accessible place to walk. There’s a lovely little cafe at the beginning of the route – either before you begin your adventure or for refreshment afterwards. There are several routes you can take through this lovely woodland, all of which are very much accessible. With one of the routes taking you past a little river, this place is sure to be a great day out for you and your dog.


2. Newbridge River

Newbridge River

This riverside walk is just what you need if you prefer those long, peaceful strolls. With several routes that all take different amounts of time, this walk is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and to make you want to come back again! After all, woodland and water are a great combination for dogs. For the historian dog walkers, a steep hill along one of the routes does lead to an old fort, and so that might be something to keep an eye out for. Make sure to keep your dog on a lead through the fields leading up to it.


3. Watergate Bay

Watergate Bay

Where would a post on Cornwall dog walks be without mentioning the beach walks? Well, the next three are all about them! Watergate Bay covers a two mile stretch of sandy beach, and is just a wonderful walk. Be warned that is it popular with surfers, but I’m sure they won’t be a distraction to your furry friend. There’s a beach cafe that allows dogs and serves local, fresh food every day. It’s certainly worth checking out.


4. Porthustock


This stone beach is a great place for one of those rare relaxing beach walks. It’s not a very busy one, mostly because it’s about a mile away from the nearest town, but in many ways that’s nice because it really gives the dogs a chance to get out and explore. The walk might not necessarily be a long one, but the sniffing and exploration for the dogs is really worth it. They can get their feet wet in the sea and experience new smells and sounds. What could be more peaceful?


5. Porth Kidney

Porth Kidney

This beach walk is truly great. You can get to the sand at high or low tide, but of course the low tide offers more sand and beach for constant running and swimming. The sand seems to go on endlessly, and if you really want to tire your dog out then this is the place! It’s not particularly busy at any point in the year, and there are even sand dunes for you and your dog to climb and explore. As far as active beach walks go this is the one you should go on.


After all that excitement, your dog is sure to need a rest, so why not check out our luxurious pet beds? Click here and take a look – after all, your dog deserves to be comfortable. Next week we will be taking a look at the West Midlands, so check back for more 5 great places to walk your dog!

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Cumbria

Once again, you are joining us for our Friday walking guide across the country. This week, we are continuing our tour in Cumbria. For those of you who live in and around the area, there’s the possibility that you might find a place to walk that you didn’t know was there before. Even if you don’t live in the close area, you might find yourself wanting to travel that little bit further for a new sense of adventure.

1. Tarn Hows

Tarn Hows

This is an absolutely stunning place to walk your dog. The scenery is glorious, and if you don’t feel like wandering through narrow, fading paths there is a solid tracks that will lead you on an approximately hour long walk by the lake, through open spaces, and woodland. There are livestock in some of the open spaces and so if you are afraid your dog will chase or be spooked it would be wise to keep them on a lead during this part of the walk.

The main place to really walk in Cumbria is the Lake District. The remaining places are all within that as they are truly spectacular walks. With a place that big, there’s certainly a lot of different walks that can be found within the Lake District.

2. Corpse Lane, Loweswater

Corpse Lane

This lovely little route has a remarkably peaceful feel to it. The walk takes you around a picturesque little lake and through a scenic woodland that is home to a large number of red squirrels – an incredibly rare site in this time. You and your dog are sure to enjoy this calming little route.

3. Greendale and Middle Fell

Greendale and Middle Fell

These valleys are just breathtaking. An area that i certainly quieter than the heartland, if you’re looking for an area to walk that has much less visitors than a lot of the Lake District then this is the area for you. The open land and waters are perfect for long walks for you and your dog – as well as offering a great place for your dog to have some fun swimming (and a bit of extra exercise!).

4. Buttermere to Rannerdale

Buttermere to Rannerdale

This route is definitely the most accessible of those listed today. It is an easy route to along, with some very scenic views and a peaceful journey along the waterside. At the tip of this route there is a lovely pebble beach that is great for casual family days out. There’s a pub en route that gives a glorious view of the Melbreak mountain. This is certainly a great route for you and your furry friend to take. Of course, if you’re looking for a route that is challenging there is one that runs along the same lines but offers a difficult walk.

5. Seathewaite


The bridges on this walk are hundreds of years old and wonderfully made. They are reminiscent of something from a fairy tale (you half expect to find a troll under one). The open spaces surrounding the bridge and found along the route are perfect for games of fetch with your dog and will offer hours of exploration and play time. This route is highly recommended and really is beautiful.


Thank you for reading another Friday of 5 great places to walk your dog! Next week we will be looking at the places to walk in Cornwall so please be sure to check back!

5 Collars to Make Your Dog Super Chic

If there’s one thing guaranteed to make your canine companion the dog about town it’s a stylish new collar. Struggling for ideas? Here at Philomena London we have the answer. We want your dog to look good, and we want you to feel good about it. Take a look below at out five chic collars that will make all the others dogs simply green with envy!

All the collars here are by our wonderful supplier Love My Dog, and if the name doesn’t convince you that these are great products maybe the pictures will. You can shop our range of collars (and matching leads) on our website – just click here!

The Adelina Pink Liberty Print Collar (£34)

Adelina Pink Liberty Print Collar

If there’s one thing that simply screams good looking it has to be liberty print. How could you resist decorating your dog in this glorious collar? Hand made with super soft suede, this collar is comfortable for your dog to wear, looks good on them, and is surprisingly easy to clean. So don’t worry too much if your dog has a little play in the mud!

Appleby Green Harris Tweed Collar (£35) and the Pixley Harris Tweed Pink Collar (£29)

Philomena and Finn sporting their Harris Tweed collars

As you may have seen in our instagram photos and on our Facebook, Philomena and Finn can be seen sporting these very collars (and looking fabulous while doing so). In fact, I have included a picture of them wearing their collars on their walk. There’s no question that a lot of people ask after their collars, and we think they look pretty great. As with the liberty print collar, these are also very easy to clean and well as comfortable for your dog to wear. They are made from Harris Tweed.

Hoxton Tartan Harris Tweed Collar (£29)

Inky sporting his Harris Tweed collar

Inky isn’t as good at showing off his collar as the other two, but our oldest and most highly regarded member of the pack sports this fabulous tartan collar on his walks. Also made from Harris Tweed it is comfortable like the other collars we stock and easy to clean. As you can see from the photo, Inky not only looks good in his collar but he certainly seems to stride proudly while wearing it!

Daplyn Grey Harris Tweed Collar (£35)

Daplyn Grey Harris Tweed Collar

This great collar will look good on any dog – so why not make it yours? This colour is great for those who like to get a bit muddy – we all know that darker colours don’t show mud as well as light ones! Made from Harris Tweed, this easy to clean and comfortable collar might just be the one you and your dog have been looking for. Why not pick one up and see how your dog likes it?


When you have finished browsing our range of snazzy collars, why not take a look at the matching leads? After all, what is a collar without a lead to go with it? Just click the link here and peruse our excellent collection!

The Cats in Our Lives

Here at Philomena London we love our dogs, and our cats are equally important. We stock a really great range of cat items, from food dishes to eco-friendly litter boxes. This post is going to take you through some of our great kitty products so that you can find everything you need for your feline friend.

1. The Beco Litter Tray (£16.99) and Litter Scoop (£3.00)

Beco Litter Tray

As with all Beco products, this is entirely eco-friendly, and to add to that it’s the world’s first eco-friendly litter tray. Made from 80% bamboo and rice husk fibres, the BecoTray has a push fit, high back lid for extra protection. With its heavy weight design, it is much more stable and less likely to move around the floor. The litter scoop is made from the same material and is just as eco-friendly. The scoop is incredibly durable, and the wide surface area allows for excellent litter cleaning.

2. Alessi Mio Covered Cat Dish (£39.00)

Alessi Mio Covered Cat Dish

These stainless steel dishes scream elegance, and are sure to make your cat feel as though they are being treated like royalty (something members of the feline family seem to believe they are entitled to). They’re easy to clean, and the lid allows for food to be protected. These exquisite dishes come in black and red, and can be purchased from our website.

3. Alessi Tigrito Cat Dish (£48.00)

Alessi Tigrito Cat Dish

These dishes are as fun as they are funky! Coming in a great range of colours (being black, blue, grey, and yellow) these cat dishes are certainly unique to say the least! Made from stainless steel, and easy to clean, these dishes are just great, and the perfect thing to feed your cat from.

 4. Beco Cat Dish (£3.00)

Beco Cat Dish

This eco-friendly and well priced dish is excellent for those who enjoy low key pet dishes as well as protecting the environment. The low rim on the bowl makes reaching for food a lot easier for your feline friends, and the fact that it’s dishwasher friendly gives it a bonus for cleaning. These dishes are fully biodegradable and come on the colours blue and green.

5. Sip, Savour. Slurp Meow (£54.00)

Sip Savour

For cats that like the finer things in life, you can’t possibly go wrong with these fantastic and especially stylish bowls.  These ceramic cat dishes are handmade by Rae Dunn, and were inspired by her own cat, Fred. Personally, these dishes are my favourite as the little carvings of “sip” and “savour” at the bottom of these dishes are just so sweet and personal. Be sure to check out both the “Sip” “Savour” and “Slurp” “Meow” lines!

6. Alessi Mio Storage Jar (£24.00)

Alessi Mio Storage Jar

Where best to store your kitty’s treats than a glass storage jar? After all, cats are tricky creatures and there is no doubt that unless treats are kept hidden away securely they will get their paws on them before long! These Alessi treat jars actually match wonderfully with the Alessi Mio cat dishes, and so if you find yourself buying one, why not buy the other to match? These lovely jars come in yellow and black.

7. Good Kitty. Nice Kitty (£66.00)

“Nice Kitty”

Rae Dunn also has a treat jar to match your dishes, and it comes in ceramic form once more. There are two jars, both priced the same, one of which reads “Good Kitty”, and the other, named the Fred jar, says “Nice Kitty”. These treat jars are just as stylish as the dishes they accompany, and are certainly must haves for any cat owner who enjoys treating their feline friend to the finer things. If you buy one you won’t find yourself without the other (I certainly didn’t). Pick up the “Good Kitty” jar here and the “Nice Kitty” jar here. Keep your kitty treats protected from cheeky paws. Don’t the cats in our lives deserve the very best?