Meet The Gang! Part One


One of the many wonderful things about owning a dog is meeting other wonderful dogs and their owners. We are so fortunate where we live because not only do all of the dogs get on famously but the owners do too!  It’s like a mini social event everyday! So, here is Part One of some of Finn, Inky and Philomena’s friends, some of which feel like part of our family! We thought if we give a brief introduction now you’ll know what we’re talking about later on.  SO…  a brief introduction to some big personalites!



Doodah is not only a great friend but our resident Food Blogger who we will introduce to you in more detail over the coming months. Doodah is a gorgeous yellow Labrador Retriever with the sweetest face and the biggest appetite! Philomena adores Doodah, infact I think it is safe to say that everyone does! ( I tend to call her Doooood!)



 Tia and Honey

Two beautiful dogs with a lovely owner.  Tia and Honey are both very much into agility training and are rarely seen without their ball or each other – a match made in heaven! Tia is a magnificent white  Alsatian and Honey is the sweetest Pomeranian…you just want to put her in your pocket.



A great name for a great dog. Spud is like a soft, floating cloud – at least that’s what he reminds us of.  He’s a gentle, giant Labradoodle dog that loves everyone and everyone loves him.  He also likes everyone elses ball to play with!



Rosie is the same age as Philomena and equally as mad!  Her name should really be The Flash because she’s as quick as lightening…she just needs to find the brakes! Rosie is a German Short Haired Pointer and is one of Philomena’s best friends. We think she’s pretty amazing.


Badger and Sammy

These two dogs are amazing. Badger is a Border Collie and Sammy is a Black Labrador.  Sammy is always hunting for treats and digging mudholes for Philomena to crawl into – see what we get up to?  Badger?  well,  I can’t help but feel that I’m being rounded up all the time…and that she’s probably smarter than everyone else.


Now, I thought to end Part One I would introduce one of my dogs,  so I will start with the eldest, Inky.


Inky was born January 17th 2002 so he will be twelve in a few months. he is a Black Labrador Retriever and he is a huge part of our lives.  He loves the water, food and chasing the ball ( typical Labrador right?) and dislikes high visibility jackets, joggers and other people’s cats. He LOVES our cats just not anyone else’s.  He’s convinced he’s a lap dog and enjoys curling up on our laps weighing in at just over 37kg.  We can’t refuse him anything.

He’s great friends with everyone and every dog, there isn’t a bad bone in his body. He does however sound quite ferocious when someone comes to the door! He’s the best companion and friend you could hope for and as loyal as they come.

Part 2 coming soon!


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