Everything You Need to Know About PS of Sweden

It’s important that your horse looks great while also feeling comfortable with what they are wearing. PS of Sweden is one of the best when it comes to bridles, browbands, and other horse accessories that make the riding experience a better and more comfortable one. They manufacture beautiful products, and by reading more below, you can find out why they are one of our favourite companies.


About PS of Sweden  

In short, PS of Sweden are the best on the market when it comes to products for your horse, and much of that is down to the way in which they work with horses and riders to determine how a product is going to work for them. From humble beginnings, PS of Sweden is still relatively new, and yet they have already made a massive name for themselves.

They are also a company that cares about the environment, and the health of the horses and riders they create for. As a result, they ensure that their products are ethically sourced and also have as small a footprint as possible on the planet. Additionally, they do not use chrome in their tanning due to the allergic reactions it can cause horses and riders.

We always aim to work with the best and most innovative companies, and at Philomena London, we are proud to be one of the few UK stockists to carry this superb brand.


What Makes Them a Great Brand?

Quality is key, and PS of Sweden always ensure that they use the best quality materials when they manufacture their bridles, saddle pads, and other equestrian products. Plus, each product that they design goes through a testing and design phase of 10-months to ensure that the finished result is flawless in every sense of the word.

They also ensure that products are not out of everyone’s price range, and have a great selection at a variety of prices so that everyone can benefit from using their products. Whether you are in search of a new bridle or a set of good quality polo wraps, there is something that is going to suit you perfectly.

PS of Sweden is a brand that understands the equestrian lifestyle, and this is because their team is composed of those who ride and those who adore horses. They understand what you, as a rider, need and also what your horse wants.


Our Top Picks

It’s not easy to choose which PS of Sweden products to feature here for you, but we have a couple that we absolutely love. Here is a little selection of our top picks:

The PS of Sweden Prune Polo Wraps are beautiful, and they made from anti-pilling fleece that is and comfortable when wrapped around your horse’s leg. Plus, they come in 3.5-metre lengths so that you can cut them down to size if required – and they match perfectly with the saddle pad range we have.

The PS of Sweden Flying Change Bridle is one of the most anatomical on the market, and one that your horse will find incredibly comfortable to wear while being ridden. It has been designed with careful consideration of your horse and the location of their cheekbones and nerve endings. Plus, the browband can be swapped out at will.

The PS of Sweden Browband Raven on Black Leather provides a stunning look with a simple design. It provides a beautiful alternative to the regular browbands that come with bridles and has been made with a selection of black and white crystals. It’s the perfect accessory for any horse, and you can view the rest of our browband selection here for more colours and designs.


To Conclude

We hope that this has given you a little taste of what you can expect from PS of Sweden, and that you can now see why they are the masters of their craft. With everything from saddle pads and bridles to grooming kits, they have all you need to keep your horse looking and feeling amazing. Make sure you visit our website for more Equestrian Stockholm items, as well as a great range of products for you and your pets.


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