The Cats in Our Lives

Here at Philomena London we love our dogs, and our cats are equally important. We stock a really great range of cat items, from food dishes to eco-friendly litter boxes. This post is going to take you through some of our great kitty products so that you can find everything you need for your feline friend.

1. The Beco Litter Tray (£16.99) and Litter Scoop (£3.00)

Beco Litter Tray

As with all Beco products, this is entirely eco-friendly, and to add to that it’s the world’s first eco-friendly litter tray. Made from 80% bamboo and rice husk fibres, the BecoTray has a push fit, high back lid for extra protection. With its heavy weight design, it is much more stable and less likely to move around the floor. The litter scoop is made from the same material and is just as eco-friendly. The scoop is incredibly durable, and the wide surface area allows for excellent litter cleaning.

2. Alessi Mio Covered Cat Dish (£39.00)

Alessi Mio Covered Cat Dish

These stainless steel dishes scream elegance, and are sure to make your cat feel as though they are being treated like royalty (something members of the feline family seem to believe they are entitled to). They’re easy to clean, and the lid allows for food to be protected. These exquisite dishes come in black and red, and can be purchased from our website.

3. Alessi Tigrito Cat Dish (£48.00)

Alessi Tigrito Cat Dish

These dishes are as fun as they are funky! Coming in a great range of colours (being black, blue, grey, and yellow) these cat dishes are certainly unique to say the least! Made from stainless steel, and easy to clean, these dishes are just great, and the perfect thing to feed your cat from.

 4. Beco Cat Dish (£3.00)

Beco Cat Dish

This eco-friendly and well priced dish is excellent for those who enjoy low key pet dishes as well as protecting the environment. The low rim on the bowl makes reaching for food a lot easier for your feline friends, and the fact that it’s dishwasher friendly gives it a bonus for cleaning. These dishes are fully biodegradable and come on the colours blue and green.

5. Sip, Savour. Slurp Meow (£54.00)

Sip Savour

For cats that like the finer things in life, you can’t possibly go wrong with these fantastic and especially stylish bowls.  These ceramic cat dishes are handmade by Rae Dunn, and were inspired by her own cat, Fred. Personally, these dishes are my favourite as the little carvings of “sip” and “savour” at the bottom of these dishes are just so sweet and personal. Be sure to check out both the “Sip” “Savour” and “Slurp” “Meow” lines!

6. Alessi Mio Storage Jar (£24.00)

Alessi Mio Storage Jar

Where best to store your kitty’s treats than a glass storage jar? After all, cats are tricky creatures and there is no doubt that unless treats are kept hidden away securely they will get their paws on them before long! These Alessi treat jars actually match wonderfully with the Alessi Mio cat dishes, and so if you find yourself buying one, why not buy the other to match? These lovely jars come in yellow and black.

7. Good Kitty. Nice Kitty (£66.00)

“Nice Kitty”

Rae Dunn also has a treat jar to match your dishes, and it comes in ceramic form once more. There are two jars, both priced the same, one of which reads “Good Kitty”, and the other, named the Fred jar, says “Nice Kitty”. These treat jars are just as stylish as the dishes they accompany, and are certainly must haves for any cat owner who enjoys treating their feline friend to the finer things. If you buy one you won’t find yourself without the other (I certainly didn’t). Pick up the “Good Kitty” jar here and the “Nice Kitty” jar here. Keep your kitty treats protected from cheeky paws. Don’t the cats in our lives deserve the very best?

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