Toys Are a Dog’s Best Friend

If there is one thing that dog’s love, aside from food, it’s their toys. For dogs they are fun and stimulating (and for those of us with particular hyper dogs they often give us a half hour break from their antics). At Philomena London we stock a great range of toys, and today we’re going to take you through a few of them.

1. Beco Balls – £5 for medium, £4 for small.

Green Beco Ball

The classic toy for dogs has always been the ball. Great for playing fetch or just keeping your dog happy, our Beco balls come in small and medium sizes, and in two different colours (blue and green). The great thing about Beco is that their products are good for both your pet and the environment. They are made from natural rubber and rice husk fibres, and the BecoBall is non-toxic, so if your pet does happen to swallow a piece of the toy, it is more likely to break down or pass through without causing any damage. The irregular shape of the ball will hold your dog’s interest for longer – which is good for everyone as they are occupied and you won’t end up going through so many balls. Not only this, but if you plan on going out for a few hours and your dog needs a distraction, fill the ball with kibble for a stimulating game to keep your dog occupied while you’re away.

2. Beco Ball on a Rope, £9 large, £6 small


As you can see by the picture, Philomena is a massive fan of the Beco ball on a rope. All of our dogs have Beco toys and they are living proof that they are durable and an excellent source of entertainment. The Beco ball on a rope is made from the same material as the balls above and it’s just as durable. The balls are great for long-distance fetch, as the rope will allow you to throw it that bit further and help your dog get a really good run. This toy has to be one of our favourites here at Philomena London! The small comes in pink and green, and the large comes in green or blue.

3. Beco Hoop, £7 large, £4 small

Green Beco Hoop

Made from the same materials as the Beco balls, these hoops are just excellent for your dog. They’re durable and stretchy, and so are great for games of tug or long-distance throwing. The materials they are made from give them a lovely vanilla scent as well. The large comes in green, and the small comes in the same colour.

4. Beco Bone, £4 small, £7.99 large

Large Beco bone

This bone is made from the same material as all of our other Beco toys, making it durable and great fun for your dog. Much like the Beco balls, this bone allows for you to stuff it with treats when you go out to keep your dog stimulated and entertained (especially if you have a dog who needs that kind of stimulation to prevent them from being destructive). Our small bones come in pink, and the large ones are available in green. These bones are great, so I would strongly recommend picking one up!

5. Beco Jungle Double Knot Rope, £4 per toy

Beco Jungle Double Knot Rope

Rope toys have been forever popular among dogs, and when it comes to playing games of tug, these rope toys are perfect. Whether you;re the one playing the game, or you have more than one dog and they enjoy games of tug together, you can’t go wrong with a rope toy – especially one made by Beco. The rope toy is made from a vibrant cotton and hemp mix, it is 100% natural. Hemp is durable, non-toxic and sustainable to grow – making the Jungle Double Knot safer for your dog and better for the environment, plus hemp can help clean your dog’s teeth, which is always beneficial as gum disease can be a common issue in dogs. They contain no synthetic materials – this also allows them to breakdown leaving no landfill footprint.


Whether you’re looking for your dog or a friend’s, Philomena London always has a lot to offer when it comes to looking after your pets. We have a section for cats too, as they can be just as important to us, and next time we will have a look at some of the products we stock for your feline companions. Until then, check out the website by clicking here and we hope this post has provided you with a few ideas for toys for your dogs.

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