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Poo Bags and the Environment  


When it comes to dogs, for many the most unpleasant part is the picking up of their ‘mess’. It’s not only a legal requirement for you to pick it up, but it’s also more pleasant for others walking in the area, whether they have canine companions or not. Of course, most poo bags are made from plastic and with the recent charge for plastic bags and campaigns to reduce our plastic use to help the environment, it can lead you to wonder if picking up the poo really is beneficial, especially to our planet.


Well, you don’t have to wonder much longer. Our favourite company for all things environmentally friendly, Beco, have the answer. Made from corn starch, the Beco poo bag only takes 90-120 days to decompose in a landfill, a shockingly lower number than the 20-1000 years it can take a plastic bag. The Beco poo bag is much tougher than the standard ones you’ll find on the shelf, which means goodbye to the dreaded times when your finger goes straight through the plastic as you go to pick up the poo. We’ve all been there, it’s horrible. Their added toughness makes them perfect for handling all sized poos, especially the bear-sized ones we find in our larger canine friends.

Beco Poo Bag Range

Like all Beco products, they are affordable too – starting at only £4 for 60 poo bags. Or, to save even more, you can buy 300 bags for £10, a great price for something so helpful to the environment. Even better, you can purchase a Beco poo bag holder in addition to the bags so that you have something to keep them safe. Of course, the Beco poo bag holder is also made out of natural materials – being bamboo and rice husk- and is biodegradable, with a lovely vanilla scent. Not only this, but they don’t use the regular, slightly irritating, fragile clips that are often used on bag holders, they instead use the clever bungee system which tightly clamps the bag holder onto a dog lead, prams, even your belt. Refilling the holder is also incredibly simple, just unwrap the bungee and the two halves of the holder will come apart, it couldn’t be easier. At only £6 it’s something you can’t miss.


Helping the environment has never been easier with Beco, so stop using those standard plastic poo bags and switch the Beco version for something that is thick, reliable, and biodegradable. In fact, we recommend switching to Beco for a lot of things, from pet bowls and even to their toys. We can all help make a difference, even our pets.

A Beco Christmas

This week we got an order in from Beco, and a  particularly festive one at that. I’m sure that you will all be as excited as I was to see Beco’s new Christmas releases, and your pets will be even more pleased to receive them.

One of our favourite suppliers.


First, a little bit of background on one of our favourite suppliers. Beco provide pets across the country with eco-friendly pet products that are not only durable but toxin free and made from natural materials such as rice husk as well as recycled bottles. From food dishes to beds Beco cover everything you need to make your pet comfortable and happy, as well as giving you peace of mind regarding your effect on the environment.


Here’s a little look at some of the great (and festive) items that Beco sent us this week. Be sure to head over to the website to pick one up or browse our entire Beco range – just click here!


We got some great Beco Christmas toys for dogs in (waiting for the cat versions to be delivered), and they are absolutely adorable. Our particular favourite has to be the festive themed George the Giraffe  – I think the dogs agree with that one too, George is currently their favourite Beco toy anyway.

Even Stripy likes George the Giraffe…
The festive version of George.


On the topic of toys we also got some Beco flyers in our order, a toy that we have not yet stocked at Philomena London. If your dog is the type to play Frisbee, then this is exactly the toy you need. As always, it’s made from rice husk and contains no toxins so it makes a great alternative to the plastic ones. It flies pretty well too.

Beco flyers in two funky colours.


Also new in are our funky new Beco beds. They are super comfy and come in three spacious sizes, and is also machine washable. Made from recycled bottles they are incredibly durable and comfortable, a definite favourite with Philomena and her brothers. With enough room to stretch out and sleep it is sure to be the best kind of bed for dogs who like a bit of room as well as comfort. It’s the perfect bed for snoozing.

So soft, so comfortable.


We have the Beco cat litter trays in three great colours now as well – blue, pink, and a natural brown, and we have matching scoops to go with them. Made from rice husk and vanilla scented, it’s durable, natural, and biodegradable. My cat loves it because it’s deep and spacious – perfect for digging, and the raised back certainly helps prevent too much litter being kicked out of the tray!

For minimum litter spray.


Are you the kind of pet owner who likes to go on road trips with your furry friends? Or perhaps you have a dog that likes a drink on their walk? Either way, the Beco travel dish is absolutely perfect and exactly what every active dog owner needs. Made from rice husk and with vanilla scenting, this seemingly flat dish pops out to reveal a great bowl for your dog to have a quick drink from. When they are done, you simply pop it back in and it’s ready to go back in your bag or be stored away somewhere else. They’re great, and there’s a size for every dog, from super small to super big. It has been one of our most popular products at trade shows, and now it’s here on the website for you to buy.

One of the best products for the active dog owner.


Thanks for reading our latest update, hopefully you have enjoyed the products we have shown you today. Everything is up and live so make sure you visit our website and have a browse – we have something for everyone!

Finn with his playmate, George.


Philomena London at Your Horse Live 2015

Tomorrow we will be at Your Horse Live in Warwickshire. We are incredibly excited to be part of this fantastic event and we hope that you will come visit us at stand M70A! With over three hundred tradestands to shop from, live demonstrations, and a rescue village for horses, we are very much looking forward to our arrival on November 14th.

We are here (red circle).
We are here (red circle), in the marquee.

We’ve been working hard all week to get ready for the show, from constructing and painting shelving units to getting in mounds of new stock, the Philomena London team have been swamped with work and busier than ever  – just the way we like it. Even the dogs have decided to get in on the work, even if their idea of helping isn’t exactly what you would consider to be helpful…

Philomena is quite the little 'helper'...
Philomena is quite the little ‘helper’…


Natural Dog Food Company

Philomena London are thrilled to welcome  the Natural Dog Food Company. Made from all natural ingredients, the Natural Dog Food Company prides itself on having no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives; no dairy products; no GM products; no derivatives or by-products; no wheat or wheat gluten, and no added sugars. To top it all off it’s good for teeth and gums making it an ideal treat for your dog.  I haven’t tried one yet but the dogs reckon they are pretty good.


Yummy! (Photograph from Natural Dog Food Company).


Sweetpea and Boo

We have got some of the most fabulous collars for cats and dogs  from Sweetpea and Boo. From Liberty Print to Cerelean Blue with Stars, these collars are sure to turn a few heads with their vibrant colours and unique design.

Sweatpea and Boo Star Collar (photograph from Sweetpea and Boo).



John Whitaker

A most popular coat, John Whitaker has put style, comfort, and affordability into one great and cozy package. This raincoat comes in four sizes with an adjustable strap to fit most dogs. These patriotic Union Jack coats are on the website now, you can pick one up here. 

John Whitaker Coat (photograph from John Whitaker).


Beco Pets

While we will have a much larger post about new Beco products next week, I could not reist sharing these adorable Beco Christmas toys with you all. They are just so sweet! We are loving the little cat toys too! Watch our blog for a post about these great little toys next week, as well as our website as they will be listed after the weekend! While you wait for these, why not have a little look at our current Beco products online?

George the Giraffe Christmas Edition (Photograph from Beco).


Of course, we have all of our other great products there too, such as the Charley Chau dog beds and blankets, Harris Tweed collars and leads, and My Mcdwag collars. If you’re in the area, be sure to come and visit us as we’d love to see you! If you can’t make it up, then hop over to our website and have a look at all our great products online!

NB: Some products will be put on the website after Your Horse Live and so may not be available until Monday.

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Cheshire

Thank you for joining us for another week of discovering great places to walk your dog. Sorry for the delay in posting this week, we had some technical difficulties and so were unable to post on time. This week we’re taking a trip to Cheshire as we explore some really great walking spots.


1. Dutton Locks

Dutton Locks

Starting off with an accessible route, the Dutton Locks route is very much wheelchair friendly, and so for those of you who have difficulty getting around with your dog this walk would be great for you. This riverside walk has a lot to offer, from long journeys that are sure to wear your dog out to a large river that might be good for some shallow paddling on hot days. If you’re looking for a peaceful walk this is the one for you. Make sure to stock up on poo bags before you set off – you can pick some up on our website!


2. Sandstone Trail

Sandstone Trail

This walk is definitely for those of you who are looking for a good workout. A hilly environment with beautiful woodland, this walk is for the dog and walker who really want to exercise as much as they can. Of course, the physicality of this walk should not dissuade you from giving it a go, as the views are spectacular and the walk itself is wonderful to look at. Why not stock up on some balls and have a game of fetch to keep your dog running while you take a break?


3. Spike Island Walk

Spike Island

From four miles to ten, it’s up to you how far and long you walk out here. With gorgeous views and wonderful flat lands to walk across you and your canine companion are sure to enjoy this adventure. If your dog is the swimming kind there is plenty of water en route that they are sure to enjoy splashing about in. With miles of open land, every walk can be a different one, and with plenty of places to stop for refreshments along the way you can keep going for hours, after all what perfect time is there for a day long walk than the weekend?


4. Delamere Forest

Delamere Forest

For the walker who doesn’t want a hardcore walk but certainly wants a bit more exercise than the average, this walk is the one. With both flat and hilly land, it covers a large area and offers different levels of walking. For those who enjoy the woodlands, this walk is excellent, and when you want a little bit of open space there’s a park area to explore as well. Your dog is sure to enjoy the excitement of this adventurous walk, with so many new sounds and scents. Not only this, but there are plenty of places to pick up a quick drink and a snack on your travels.


5. Grappenhall Heys

Grappenhall Heys

Open fields and woodlands make up this scenic route in the Grappenhall Heys. With a forest and several different fields, this is a walk that your dog will no doubt enjoy to the full, and it’s the perfect place for a game of fetch. If your dog is the swimming type there’s also a river that your furry friend might enjoy taking a dip in, especially during the hot spring and summer days to come (and they likely will after the heat we have been experiencing lately!).


So concludes another week of the great places to walk your dog. Next week we will be looking at the walks available in Durham, so be sure to check in! Also, on Wednesday we will be looking at Philomena’s favourite pet treats, so be sure to keep an eye out for ideas on what to give your dog as a little treat to say ‘well done!’

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Derbyshire

Welcome back to another Friday where we talk about the great places to walk your dog across the country. Last week we looked at Kent, and this week we’re moving on to Derbyshire. Maybe you’ll find a new place to explore in this exciting installment.

1. Mam Tor

Mam Tor

Mam Tor is a truly breathtaking site. A really central part of the Peak District, this is a highly recommended place for walking. The wind can be quite strong here, but as long as you brace yourself it shouldn’t hit you too hard! Your dog will really love this place too, as its great for them to explore, although there are some areas that recommend you keep them on a lead. If you enjoy exploring magnificent landscapes, this is the place for you.

2. Crich Tramway Village

Crich Tramway Village

I have to start this with saying what a great little place this is, both for families and dogs. The dogs are even welcome on the rides! Crich Tramway Village is also wheelchair friendly, and this place is perfect for everyone. The museum has been recommended by the Dogs Trust as a dog friendly venue, and while they have to be kept on the lead, it’s sure to be a fun day for everyone – just don’t let your dogs into the catering area!

3. Longdendale Trail

Longdendale Trail

whether you cycle or walk, this trail is for you. It’s beautiful, and if you’re into the supernatural you might want to keep an eye out for the ghosts of the Roman soldiers that pass through the hills. If you and your dog enjoy games while you walk, why not pick up a Beco Ball from our online shop and bring it along? There is something serene about this trail, and if you are the type who enjoys long and peaceful walks (this one is seven miles!) then this is the route for you.

4. Monsal Trail

Monsal Trail

Another Peak District walk, this trail is both accessible and good exercise. There are nearly nine miles of trail as you walk along what used to be a railway line, but is now a great place for you and your dog to walk. Perfect for games of fetch and strolling, this route offers all of the best things about dog walks.

5. Hayfield to Kinder Scout

Hayfield to Kinder Scout

If you and your dog are very energetic creatures there is little better than this intense walk. Great for hikers and their dogs, there are a number of great trails that you and your dog can walk. Be sure to go prepared for a truly excellent and picturesque hike. When you and your furry friend are thoroughly exhausted there is a lovely little dog friendly pub at the end of your route.

Thank you for reading another week of 5 great places to walk your dog! Next week we will be looking at the county of Cumbria. Be sure to check back next Friday!

Snug As A Pug In a Rug! Luxury Blankets and Beds

Here at Philomena London, we pride ourselves on having beautiful, quality bedding and accessories for your pet! Most everything we sell is lovingly handmade in the UK, and soon Philomena London will be selling their very own line of quality pet supplies.

The Deeply Dishy Bed made in the UK by Charley Chau, is one of our best selling pet beds.  Your pet can sink deep down into the warm and comfy depths of this beautifully made bed, feeling snug and secure.  Add one of the Faux Fur blankets to make it extra comfy!

(c) Charley Chau Limited 2014. All rights reserved. www.charleyc

Our Day Beds are more suited to the dog that really needs to stretch his legs! The Day Bed is a luxurious and stylish way to indulge your dog. No more lumps and bumps in your dog’s mattress, even if it has been machine washed!  The secret to a luxurious and comfortable bed is a deep-filled mattress with insulating hollowfibre which is constructed with internal wall panels to stop the fibre filling from moving around.  Hence, a wonderfully comfy mattress year round. The cover is fully removeable for easy cleaning.

(c) Charley Chau Limited 2014. All rights reserved. www.charleyc


Our Beco Beds are the Eco Warriors of our bed range! The BecoBed is designed to work like any other pet bed on the market. It’s durable, comfortable and machine washable and comes in a fantastic range of 3 colours and 4 sizes. Beco Beds are made from eco-friendly materials! The covers are created from a mix of cotton and hemp and they’ve stuffed the beds with a finely shredded, recycled materials.  BecoBeds feature a four-pillow design that suits both sprawlers and snugglers so whatever way your pet curls up, they will always sleep soundy. Like all Beco products they are designed in the United Kingdom.


The Double Fleece Dog Blanket  is a practical blanket to own when you have active dogs! Great with our Labradors as they wash beautifully and draw water away from your pet – a winner with us! The fleece used for these super soft and cosy blankets are anti-pil so they will wash beautifully time after time. This is a stylish and practical blanket that washes well but will still look great in your living room. Perfect for the car, sofa or thrown over an armchair to protect the furniture.


We will be adding new designs and colours shortly, but in the meantime we hope you will enjoy shopping our fabulous range of beds and luxury blankets to make your pet feel snug as a Pug in a rug – even if they’re not a Pug!