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Poo Bags and the Environment  


When it comes to dogs, for many the most unpleasant part is the picking up of their ‘mess’. It’s not only a legal requirement for you to pick it up, but it’s also more pleasant for others walking in the area, whether they have canine companions or not. Of course, most poo bags are made from plastic and with the recent charge for plastic bags and campaigns to reduce our plastic use to help the environment, it can lead you to wonder if picking up the poo really is beneficial, especially to our planet.


Well, you don’t have to wonder much longer. Our favourite company for all things environmentally friendly, Beco, have the answer. Made from corn starch, the Beco poo bag only takes 90-120 days to decompose in a landfill, a shockingly lower number than the 20-1000 years it can take a plastic bag. The Beco poo bag is much tougher than the standard ones you’ll find on the shelf, which means goodbye to the dreaded times when your finger goes straight through the plastic as you go to pick up the poo. We’ve all been there, it’s horrible. Their added toughness makes them perfect for handling all sized poos, especially the bear-sized ones we find in our larger canine friends.

Beco Poo Bag Range

Like all Beco products, they are affordable too – starting at only £4 for 60 poo bags. Or, to save even more, you can buy 300 bags for £10, a great price for something so helpful to the environment. Even better, you can purchase a Beco poo bag holder in addition to the bags so that you have something to keep them safe. Of course, the Beco poo bag holder is also made out of natural materials – being bamboo and rice husk- and is biodegradable, with a lovely vanilla scent. Not only this, but they don’t use the regular, slightly irritating, fragile clips that are often used on bag holders, they instead use the clever bungee system which tightly clamps the bag holder onto a dog lead, prams, even your belt. Refilling the holder is also incredibly simple, just unwrap the bungee and the two halves of the holder will come apart, it couldn’t be easier. At only £6 it’s something you can’t miss.


Helping the environment has never been easier with Beco, so stop using those standard plastic poo bags and switch the Beco version for something that is thick, reliable, and biodegradable. In fact, we recommend switching to Beco for a lot of things, from pet bowls and even to their toys. We can all help make a difference, even our pets.

A Happy New Year for Your Pet

Hopefully you all had a wonderful Christmas, and your pets were spoiled rotten (just like ours). After the joy and warmth of Christmas Day, the preparations for New Year’s celebrations begin, and I’d like to take the time to talk to you about the ways in which your pet can stay safe during the celebrations. Below are things you can do to reduce stress and keep them happy while you party.

The main thing that causes pets stress during New Year’s celebrations are the fireworks. They can cause incredibly high levels of anxiety and so it is important to take some precautions before the evening celebrations begin.

  1. Exercise

Take your dog for a long run or walk before the evening festivities. Play fetch or have them run around to really work off that energy. Our dogs respond really well to flyers so it’s worth giving them a go. The more tired they are from the walk, the more likely they are to sleep through the noise from the fireworks.  When it comes to your cats you can try playing games with them with a cat wand or a laser pen – most cats love the laser pen game. They will be tired out in no time.

2. Keep them indoors

Keep your cats and dogs indoors during fireworks. If they are outside and unattended during the celebrations there is a chance that they will escape through fear and stress. When it comes to cats it’s best to keep them inside as the noise can lead them to running away and hiding, many cats go missing every year as a result of them getting lost and disorientated during fireworks.

3. Keep them confined

If you are having the party at your house then be sure to keep your cat or dog confined to a safe room in the house where guests are unlikely to accidentally let them out. By giving them a room to be confined in you are reducing the chances of escape through fear but also decreasing stress levels. So many dogs go missing every year after they run away through fear.

4. Feliway and Adaptil

Feliway and Adaptil are pheromone diffusers, for cats and dogs respectively. The release of pheromones helps to calm and de-stress pets and are often used during fireworks. Generally, Feliway and Adaptil are incredibly effective and really help when it comes to keeping your pet calm, all you have to do it plug it into the wall. If your pets gets very anxious during fireworks it is definitely best to give this a try.

Image from Google

As a final note, it is important to remember to watch what your pet is eating. No doubt there will be a delicious array of snacks for you and your guests to eat throughout the night, so be sure to watch your cats and dogs to make sure they aren’t eating anything that is potentially dangerous to them such as nuts, raisins, and chocolate. No one wants to rush to the vet on New Year’s Eve.

We hope you have a safe and happy New Year’s celebration tomorrow night. We at Philomena London wish you all the best for 2016 and thank you all for your support over the past year and look forward to seeing you again in the new one!

Christmas Sale!

We’re having a pre-Christmas sale at Philomena London. With great products like Beco and Love My Dog on sale, it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on. Here are a few of the great items we have on offer, and if you want to browse our full range then just click here to get to our sale page.


  1. Adelina Pink Liberty Print Collar

This popular collar from Love My Dog was £42 and is now down to £24. Backed with super soft suede and finished by classic British saddle makers this collar is both brilliant and stylish for your dog. Even better news is that the matching lead is on sale for the same price. If you want to add a little something extra the bow tie completes the set at a mere £12!

Adelina Pink Liberty Print Collar


2. Beco Christmas Dog Toys

I’ve talked about these a lot, and they are probably one of the best toys that we stock. While the normal ones remain at full price, the Christmas versions have been reduced to an amazing £3.60 – after all, they are seasonal toys. They’re going fast so it would be an idea to scoop one up as soon as possible! As a note, the cat versions are only £2.10 each so why not treat your feline friend to one too?

Bertie the Budgie
Bertie the Budgie


3. John Whitaker International Union Jack Dog Coat

Probably one of our most popular items this year, the John Whitaker dog coat has been flying out of our doors! As a pre-Christmas treat we have cut the price from £20 down to £14.40 – a brilliant price that you won’t get anywhere else! It’s waterproof and has a warm, fleecy lining that is sure to keep your dog toasty in the winter months.

John Whitaker  Dog Coat


4. Good Kitty Ceramic Treat Jar

Rae Dunn provides us with some of the most amazing dishes and treat jars, and for our pre-Christmas sale we have a really amazing offer for you. This treat jar was £66 and is now only £24, which is a pretty massive saving on such an amazing hand made jar! Straight in from California, these jars are durable and beautiful to behold.

Good Kitty


5. Charley Chau Deeply Dishy Luxury Bed in Raspberry

Finally on our preview list we have the Charley Chau Deeply Dishy Luxury Bed in Raspberry. This offer is rarely seen, and considering this bed was £100 and has now been reduced to £57 it’s certainly one that you might want to consider picking up. These beds are incredibly comfortable and something that your dog may be reluctant to leave this Christmas!

Deeply Dishy


Be sure to take a look at the rest of our great savings this Christmas, after all your pet deserves it! The Philomena London team wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Christmas Dinner for Pets

Christmas is not just about us having a delicious dinner together, but it’s a time for the animals to join in as well. We like nothing more than sharing our roast dinner, but as we all know there are things to be wary of when sharing with your pet (see this post). So we have gathered together some of the things that we eat on Christmas day that won’t harm your pet and are still just as enjoyable for them – this way you can share without worry.

The best bit is you just need to put it all in the bowl together, your pet isn’t going to mind!

  1. Turkey or chicken

Whichever bird you are having this Christmas, you can feel happy giving it to your dog or cat. Turkey is the healthier of the two birds, and with each make sure it is just the meat and not the skin/drippings as those are high in fat. Also, it would be an idea to put your pet’s serving aside before you cover it in onions, fat, and other potentially harmful ingredients.

Image from Google

2. Salmon (not smoked)

A favourite for the festive season, salmon is high in omega 3 and helps keep your pet’s coat lovely and shiny. In fact, we have always given Inky our salmon skin and people often remark how soft his coat is at the grand age of 12 (13 next month). It’s good for them, and so you can feel good about giving it to them – just remember that everything is good in moderation.

Image from Google

3. Christmas Veg

Generally, vegetables have little to no nutritional value for dogs or cats so there is no harm in giving them the classic Christmas veg with their dinner. Carrots, sprouts, parsnips, and potatoes will go down a treat with your pet so be sure to give them a generous serving. We have found that our dogs prefer raw carrot (whereas the cats prefer cooked) but every pet is different.

Image from Google

4. Gravy

We do not recommend the fattier foods be fed to your pets in general, even during Christmas dinner, but it’s okay to put a teaspoon of your delicious home made gravy on top as a special treat – our menagerie get a tiny spoonful each every year. The same goes for the cranberry sauce (again in a tiny amount) as cranberries can be eaten by your cats and dogs, but we prefer to give them fresh cranberries as the sauce is full of sugar (hence the tiny portion if you choose to give it to them).

Image from Google

5. Pudding

Christmas pudding is a tradition, but sadly not for your pet as it is filled with raisins and nuts, not to mention that it gets covered in alcohol! A healthy alternative? Some blueberries and apple slices (maybe even some left over cranberries). This will be a much nicer treat for your pet as it is both delicious and non-toxic.

Image from Google

Your pet’s health is important this Christmas so be sure to remove anything potentially harmful or toxic to them from your Christmas feast. Merry Christmas from all of us from Philomena London (and the assorted animals that live with us.)!

Merry Christmas from Inky!
Merry Christmas from Inky!

12 Perfect Gift Ideas

It’s the holiday season and everyone has started their Christmas shopping. Everyone in the human family has been accounted for and now it’s just the pet members left to buy for. Here, we have a little Christmas gift guide, highlighting twelve of our favourite gifts for your furry friend. Don’t forget, we have free UK P&P this Christmas as well – something that is sure to help out a little with the Christmas shopping!

  1. Christmas Gift Boxes for Cats and Dogs

Our Christmas Gift Boxes are probably one of the most exciting things we are selling this season. Packed full of exciting gifts and tasty treats, they are something your dog is certain to enjoy and make the ultimate all-in-one gift. There are toys for your dog to play with (and keep them distracted while you open your presents!) and a coat for that chilly pre-lunch walk, as well as some tasty natural dog treats. We have two boxes available; the Millfield Box at £29.95, and the Hyde Park box at £39.95.

Hyde Park Christmas Gift Box

2. Beco Christmas Cat and Dog Toys

Beco,  with their love for the environment and pets, make a perfect combination for the production of dog toys and accessories. Our choice of Beco product for you Christmas gift list are the Beco Christmas toy range for cats and dogs. Beco toys in general are great quality and provide excellent entertainment for your pet, but the festive themed soft toys for cats and dogs are definitely a must for this Christmas, and with prices from £3.99-£8.99 who can resist?

Toby the Teddy…

3. Wilmot Red Cable Knit Sweater for Dogs

Also available in grey, the Wilmot Red Cable Knit Sweater makes a very warm and festive outfit for your dog. Inspired by a 1930’s men’s cable knit jumper, these sweaters are hand knitted in England using only the finest wool. They have an added loophole so that a harness can be worn underneath, and so are great for dry days out with your pooch.  At only £45 this jumper makes a warm and chic gift for your dog this Christmas!

Wilmot Red Cable Knit Sweater

4. Hawkins Organic

Someone that we really love is Hawkins Organic. They create dog and horse grooming products that are completely organic and “free from nasty chemicals.” The products are made in England, and the packaging is mostly made from recycled plastic  – two things that we strongly support here at Philomena London. When it comes to dog shampoo, our favourite has to be the Lemon Drizzle, it left our three lovely and clean after a particularly filthy walk! Definitely give them a look as shampoo can make a great gift for the muddy puppy, and even the muddy horse, in our lives.

Lemon Drizzle Shampoo for Dogs

5. Drink Devour Dog Dishes (Set of Two)

Rae Dunn makes some of our favourite dishes, and this set is definitely in the top three. Handmade in California, Rae Dunn strives for imperfection – in keeping with the Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi (the beauty of things imperfect). These dishes are solid and thick, making them quite sturdy and therefore a bit more durable than your average ceramic dog dish. This particular pair highlight exactly what a lot of dogs do – drink and devour! At £59 they make a lasting gift for your furry friend. Why not have a look at the cat ones too, at £54?

Drink. Devour.

6. Sweetpea and Boo Liberty Print Cat Collar

Hand-crafted in the UK, the Sweetpea and Boo Liberty Print cat collar is just too sweet to resist. The lovely floral themes brings forward thoughts of the coming spring and is sure to look stylish on your feline friend. With an elasticated back and shiny silver bell, this collar will fit the majority of cats, and at only £12 it makes the sweetest Christmas gift. We even have Liberty Print collars for dogs at the same great price.

Sweetpea and Boo Liberty Print Cat Collar


7. Love My Dog Hoxton Harris Tweed Dog Collar

This wonderful collar is made from Love My Dog’s signature Hoxton Tweed. Hand-crafted, it is hard-wearing, durable, and strong. Easy to clean and lined with suede it has the power to make any dog look smart. We love the Tartan pattern on this collar, and it feels particularly festive –  a favourite of our own dog, Inky. With prices starting at £56 it’s a must have for your dog. Some have even bought the smallest size for their cats!

Hoxton Harris Tweed Collars.

8. My McDawg Lilac Herringbone Harris Tweed Dog Collar

My McDawg produces fine Harris Tweed collars at great prices for your dog. With a super soft moleskin lining it provides incredibly comfort for your pooch as well as giving them the stylish look that they deserve. Made in the Outer Hebrides, and using only the finest Harris Tweed, My McDawg ensures that your pet receives the quality they deserve from their collars. The Lilac Herringbone (shown) is one of many collars available at our online shop. You can buy it here for £24.95, but if you’d like to see the rest of the line then take a look here. Collars make great gifts for dogs, so why not make it McDawg?

Lilac Herringbone Harris Tweed Collar by My McDawg

9. Charley Chau Silver Fox Faux Fur Blanket

Charley Chau is an award winning pet bed design company. Their beds and blankets are made to make them irresistibly comfortable for your pet.  Featured on our gift list is the medium Silver Fox Faux Fur Blanket at £70. It can be used as a throw for the furniture or perfectly paired with a Charley Chau bed. All Charley Chau products are machine washable, so important to dog owners!

Silver Fox Faux Fur Blanket by Charley Chau


10. John Whitaker International Union Jack Dog Coat

John Whitaker’s Union Jack dog coat has definitely been one of our best sellers this year. The only downside is that there is a limited supply as they are a limited edition coat. With a warm and fleecy inside and a waterproof outside they make a perfect, and affordable coat – ideal for the icy winter months ahead. If you want one of these for your pooch it’s best to grab one sooner rather than later because when these are gone, they’re gone for good. Grab yours now for only £20!

John Whitaker International Union Jack Dog Coat

11. The Natural Dog Food Company Chicken Treats

The Natural Dog Food Company is one of our newest suppliers, and we are so glad to have taken them on. Based on the same delicious and wholesome principles as their complete foods, Natural Dog Food Company Treats offer a tasty, low calorie, hypoallergenic treat that your dog will love. Whether you’re looking for an effective yet healthy training treat or simply to pamper your dog day-to-day, Natural Dog Food Company Treats make the ideal choice! At only £3 a bag they are wonderful as stocking fillers for your pets on Christmas morning!

Natural Dog Food Company Chicken Treats

12. Alessi Lula Storage Jar in Black

Alessi is a great brand with original and fun designs filling their pet range. We love carrying them, and we think that you will love buying their products for your pet. On our gift list we have the Lula Storage Jar in Black, a clear jar for filling with tasty treats for your canine (or feline) friend. It’s a great design and at £24 it makes an equally great gift. Pick one up for your dog, or maybe even take a peek at the ones for cats at the same price. If you like the Alessi treat jars then do feel free to browse the rest of their range here.

Alessi Lula Storage Jar in Black


So ends our Christmas gift guide for this year. Hopefully you found some great gift ideas for your pets or even pet friends. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Shop everything at Philomena London.

From everyone at Philomena London we wish you the Merriest of Christmases and a happy and prosperous New Year!

A Christmas Surprise

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This year we have something really exciting to offer you all – our first Christmas dog gift boxes. With varying content and prices, we are sure you will find the perfect combination of gifts for your pet, or pet friends. Your pet will be cozy, entertained and enjoying their treats on Christmas morning, and with free UK deliver what more could you ask for?

The Hyde Park Christmas Gift Box

The Hyde Park Christmas Gift Box

Named after the famous, and beautiful, London park the Hyde Park Christmas Gift Box offers a great range of exciting presents for your furry friend.  With the price at £39.95 you get quite a few gifts, all of which will be lovingly packed for your dog. Take a look below to see what this particular box includes.

1 x John Whitaker Dog Coat (size of your choice)

1 x Beco Travel Bowl (colour of your choice)

1 x Beco Ball (size of your choice)

1 x Natural Dog Treats

1 x Christmas Beco Toy of your choice


The Millfield Christmas Gift Box

The Millfield Christmas Box

Named after Inky, Finn, and Philomena’s favourite walking spot, the Millfield Christmas gift box is smaller than the Hyde Park one, but is no less exciting for your dog. At £29.85 you get to choose three great gift to put in your box that are sure to bring joy to your canine’s Christmas. Have a look below to see what this festive box includes:

1 x John Whitaker Dog Coat (size of your choice)

1 x Natural Dog Treats

1 x Christmas Beco Toy of your choice


Christmas is a time of giving and sharing, and what better way to share the holidays with your furry friend than with an exciting gift box filled with festive treats?  Shop now and take a look, we have free UK P&P for Christmas time to make the holiday shopping that little bit easier.

A Beco Christmas

This week we got an order in from Beco, and a  particularly festive one at that. I’m sure that you will all be as excited as I was to see Beco’s new Christmas releases, and your pets will be even more pleased to receive them.

One of our favourite suppliers.


First, a little bit of background on one of our favourite suppliers. Beco provide pets across the country with eco-friendly pet products that are not only durable but toxin free and made from natural materials such as rice husk as well as recycled bottles. From food dishes to beds Beco cover everything you need to make your pet comfortable and happy, as well as giving you peace of mind regarding your effect on the environment.


Here’s a little look at some of the great (and festive) items that Beco sent us this week. Be sure to head over to the website to pick one up or browse our entire Beco range – just click here!


We got some great Beco Christmas toys for dogs in (waiting for the cat versions to be delivered), and they are absolutely adorable. Our particular favourite has to be the festive themed George the Giraffe  – I think the dogs agree with that one too, George is currently their favourite Beco toy anyway.

Even Stripy likes George the Giraffe…
The festive version of George.


On the topic of toys we also got some Beco flyers in our order, a toy that we have not yet stocked at Philomena London. If your dog is the type to play Frisbee, then this is exactly the toy you need. As always, it’s made from rice husk and contains no toxins so it makes a great alternative to the plastic ones. It flies pretty well too.

Beco flyers in two funky colours.


Also new in are our funky new Beco beds. They are super comfy and come in three spacious sizes, and is also machine washable. Made from recycled bottles they are incredibly durable and comfortable, a definite favourite with Philomena and her brothers. With enough room to stretch out and sleep it is sure to be the best kind of bed for dogs who like a bit of room as well as comfort. It’s the perfect bed for snoozing.

So soft, so comfortable.


We have the Beco cat litter trays in three great colours now as well – blue, pink, and a natural brown, and we have matching scoops to go with them. Made from rice husk and vanilla scented, it’s durable, natural, and biodegradable. My cat loves it because it’s deep and spacious – perfect for digging, and the raised back certainly helps prevent too much litter being kicked out of the tray!

For minimum litter spray.


Are you the kind of pet owner who likes to go on road trips with your furry friends? Or perhaps you have a dog that likes a drink on their walk? Either way, the Beco travel dish is absolutely perfect and exactly what every active dog owner needs. Made from rice husk and with vanilla scenting, this seemingly flat dish pops out to reveal a great bowl for your dog to have a quick drink from. When they are done, you simply pop it back in and it’s ready to go back in your bag or be stored away somewhere else. They’re great, and there’s a size for every dog, from super small to super big. It has been one of our most popular products at trade shows, and now it’s here on the website for you to buy.

One of the best products for the active dog owner.


Thanks for reading our latest update, hopefully you have enjoyed the products we have shown you today. Everything is up and live so make sure you visit our website and have a browse – we have something for everyone!

Finn with his playmate, George.


Philomena London at Your Horse Live 2015

Tomorrow we will be at Your Horse Live in Warwickshire. We are incredibly excited to be part of this fantastic event and we hope that you will come visit us at stand M70A! With over three hundred tradestands to shop from, live demonstrations, and a rescue village for horses, we are very much looking forward to our arrival on November 14th.

We are here (red circle).
We are here (red circle), in the marquee.

We’ve been working hard all week to get ready for the show, from constructing and painting shelving units to getting in mounds of new stock, the Philomena London team have been swamped with work and busier than ever  – just the way we like it. Even the dogs have decided to get in on the work, even if their idea of helping isn’t exactly what you would consider to be helpful…

Philomena is quite the little 'helper'...
Philomena is quite the little ‘helper’…


Natural Dog Food Company

Philomena London are thrilled to welcome  the Natural Dog Food Company. Made from all natural ingredients, the Natural Dog Food Company prides itself on having no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives; no dairy products; no GM products; no derivatives or by-products; no wheat or wheat gluten, and no added sugars. To top it all off it’s good for teeth and gums making it an ideal treat for your dog.  I haven’t tried one yet but the dogs reckon they are pretty good.


Yummy! (Photograph from Natural Dog Food Company).


Sweetpea and Boo

We have got some of the most fabulous collars for cats and dogs  from Sweetpea and Boo. From Liberty Print to Cerelean Blue with Stars, these collars are sure to turn a few heads with their vibrant colours and unique design.

Sweatpea and Boo Star Collar (photograph from Sweetpea and Boo).



John Whitaker

A most popular coat, John Whitaker has put style, comfort, and affordability into one great and cozy package. This raincoat comes in four sizes with an adjustable strap to fit most dogs. These patriotic Union Jack coats are on the website now, you can pick one up here. 

John Whitaker Coat (photograph from John Whitaker).


Beco Pets

While we will have a much larger post about new Beco products next week, I could not reist sharing these adorable Beco Christmas toys with you all. They are just so sweet! We are loving the little cat toys too! Watch our blog for a post about these great little toys next week, as well as our website as they will be listed after the weekend! While you wait for these, why not have a little look at our current Beco products online?

George the Giraffe Christmas Edition (Photograph from Beco).


Of course, we have all of our other great products there too, such as the Charley Chau dog beds and blankets, Harris Tweed collars and leads, and My Mcdwag collars. If you’re in the area, be sure to come and visit us as we’d love to see you! If you can’t make it up, then hop over to our website and have a look at all our great products online!

NB: Some products will be put on the website after Your Horse Live and so may not be available until Monday.

The Cats in Our Lives

Here at Philomena London we love our dogs, and our cats are equally important. We stock a really great range of cat items, from food dishes to eco-friendly litter boxes. This post is going to take you through some of our great kitty products so that you can find everything you need for your feline friend.

1. The Beco Litter Tray (£16.99) and Litter Scoop (£3.00)

Beco Litter Tray

As with all Beco products, this is entirely eco-friendly, and to add to that it’s the world’s first eco-friendly litter tray. Made from 80% bamboo and rice husk fibres, the BecoTray has a push fit, high back lid for extra protection. With its heavy weight design, it is much more stable and less likely to move around the floor. The litter scoop is made from the same material and is just as eco-friendly. The scoop is incredibly durable, and the wide surface area allows for excellent litter cleaning.

2. Alessi Mio Covered Cat Dish (£39.00)

Alessi Mio Covered Cat Dish

These stainless steel dishes scream elegance, and are sure to make your cat feel as though they are being treated like royalty (something members of the feline family seem to believe they are entitled to). They’re easy to clean, and the lid allows for food to be protected. These exquisite dishes come in black and red, and can be purchased from our website.

3. Alessi Tigrito Cat Dish (£48.00)

Alessi Tigrito Cat Dish

These dishes are as fun as they are funky! Coming in a great range of colours (being black, blue, grey, and yellow) these cat dishes are certainly unique to say the least! Made from stainless steel, and easy to clean, these dishes are just great, and the perfect thing to feed your cat from.

 4. Beco Cat Dish (£3.00)

Beco Cat Dish

This eco-friendly and well priced dish is excellent for those who enjoy low key pet dishes as well as protecting the environment. The low rim on the bowl makes reaching for food a lot easier for your feline friends, and the fact that it’s dishwasher friendly gives it a bonus for cleaning. These dishes are fully biodegradable and come on the colours blue and green.

5. Sip, Savour. Slurp Meow (£54.00)

Sip Savour

For cats that like the finer things in life, you can’t possibly go wrong with these fantastic and especially stylish bowls.  These ceramic cat dishes are handmade by Rae Dunn, and were inspired by her own cat, Fred. Personally, these dishes are my favourite as the little carvings of “sip” and “savour” at the bottom of these dishes are just so sweet and personal. Be sure to check out both the “Sip” “Savour” and “Slurp” “Meow” lines!

6. Alessi Mio Storage Jar (£24.00)

Alessi Mio Storage Jar

Where best to store your kitty’s treats than a glass storage jar? After all, cats are tricky creatures and there is no doubt that unless treats are kept hidden away securely they will get their paws on them before long! These Alessi treat jars actually match wonderfully with the Alessi Mio cat dishes, and so if you find yourself buying one, why not buy the other to match? These lovely jars come in yellow and black.

7. Good Kitty. Nice Kitty (£66.00)

“Nice Kitty”

Rae Dunn also has a treat jar to match your dishes, and it comes in ceramic form once more. There are two jars, both priced the same, one of which reads “Good Kitty”, and the other, named the Fred jar, says “Nice Kitty”. These treat jars are just as stylish as the dishes they accompany, and are certainly must haves for any cat owner who enjoys treating their feline friend to the finer things. If you buy one you won’t find yourself without the other (I certainly didn’t). Pick up the “Good Kitty” jar here and the “Nice Kitty” jar here. Keep your kitty treats protected from cheeky paws. Don’t the cats in our lives deserve the very best?