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4 Ways to a Healthier Pet

The holiday season has, sadly, come to an end. With the new year come resolutions and the inevitable diet and exercise regimes from indulging just a little bit too much. Of course, it often goes that pets have a little too much to eat as well over the Christmas period and so your exercise regime also becomes theirs. As a helper to you and your pet, we have compiled a little guide to help you and your pet get fit not just over the new year but in general.

  1. Walking

Every dog needs a walk at least once each day. Taking your pooch for an hour long trot is incredibly beneficial for both of you. Your dog gets to run and work off some of their energy, and you get a low level cardiovascular workout. Not only that, but you both get to socialise with other dogs and owners – which is great for your mental health and your dog’s. If you get bored of the same walking spot be sure to mix it up and find new and exciting places to explore. Beaches and woodland are great in terms of a change of scenery but also exercise (especially the beach, walking in sand is hard work!).

2.  Running

If walking is a little too slow paced for you, or perhaps you are looking for the next step then give running with your dog a try. There are so many places to run, from open fields to quite riversides. In fact, when it comes to riversides it can be an ideal place for you to take a rest and let your pooch have a swim  – swimming is incredibly good exercise for your dog. It’s excellent cardio for you, and it’s a lot of fun for you both.

Our three are fans of the running part...
Our three are fans of the running part…

3. Agility

Agility training is active and fun for both you and your dog. It presents a mental and physical challenge for your canine companion, and it’s one that many of them enjoy. There are quite a few agility centres across the country where you can train your pet and it makes an enjoyable activity. It’s great for that extra physical activity but also makes a brilliant bonding exercise between you and your dog as you improve on communication and teamwork.

4. Eating Healthy

It may seem like the most obvious one, but it is important to stress the important of a healthy diet – both for humans and animals. While you may be cutting out the junk in your diet, make sure you are doing the same for your pet. Are you prone to feeding our dog the slightly more than occasional treat? It might be worth giving the Natural Dog Food Company’s natural dog treats a try. Chicken flavoured and shaped like little hearts they make a good and healthy alternative to general doggie treats. You can find them here. Of course, however, be sure to give your dog treats in moderation!

Loved by dogs everywhere


We hope that 2016 has started wonderfully for you and that these little tips for you and your dog have been of help to you.

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Cheshire

Thank you for joining us for another week of discovering great places to walk your dog. Sorry for the delay in posting this week, we had some technical difficulties and so were unable to post on time. This week we’re taking a trip to Cheshire as we explore some really great walking spots.


1. Dutton Locks

Dutton Locks

Starting off with an accessible route, the Dutton Locks route is very much wheelchair friendly, and so for those of you who have difficulty getting around with your dog this walk would be great for you. This riverside walk has a lot to offer, from long journeys that are sure to wear your dog out to a large river that might be good for some shallow paddling on hot days. If you’re looking for a peaceful walk this is the one for you. Make sure to stock up on poo bags before you set off – you can pick some up on our website!


2. Sandstone Trail

Sandstone Trail

This walk is definitely for those of you who are looking for a good workout. A hilly environment with beautiful woodland, this walk is for the dog and walker who really want to exercise as much as they can. Of course, the physicality of this walk should not dissuade you from giving it a go, as the views are spectacular and the walk itself is wonderful to look at. Why not stock up on some balls and have a game of fetch to keep your dog running while you take a break?


3. Spike Island Walk

Spike Island

From four miles to ten, it’s up to you how far and long you walk out here. With gorgeous views and wonderful flat lands to walk across you and your canine companion are sure to enjoy this adventure. If your dog is the swimming kind there is plenty of water en route that they are sure to enjoy splashing about in. With miles of open land, every walk can be a different one, and with plenty of places to stop for refreshments along the way you can keep going for hours, after all what perfect time is there for a day long walk than the weekend?


4. Delamere Forest

Delamere Forest

For the walker who doesn’t want a hardcore walk but certainly wants a bit more exercise than the average, this walk is the one. With both flat and hilly land, it covers a large area and offers different levels of walking. For those who enjoy the woodlands, this walk is excellent, and when you want a little bit of open space there’s a park area to explore as well. Your dog is sure to enjoy the excitement of this adventurous walk, with so many new sounds and scents. Not only this, but there are plenty of places to pick up a quick drink and a snack on your travels.


5. Grappenhall Heys

Grappenhall Heys

Open fields and woodlands make up this scenic route in the Grappenhall Heys. With a forest and several different fields, this is a walk that your dog will no doubt enjoy to the full, and it’s the perfect place for a game of fetch. If your dog is the swimming type there’s also a river that your furry friend might enjoy taking a dip in, especially during the hot spring and summer days to come (and they likely will after the heat we have been experiencing lately!).


So concludes another week of the great places to walk your dog. Next week we will be looking at the walks available in Durham, so be sure to check in! Also, on Wednesday we will be looking at Philomena’s favourite pet treats, so be sure to keep an eye out for ideas on what to give your dog as a little treat to say ‘well done!’

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Aberdeenshire

Welcome to another dog-walking Friday evening. While you’re sitting back with a cup of tea and browsing the internet, why not stop by and take a read of our places to walk your dog series? For those of you who read regularly, welcome back and please enjoy yet another installment. This week we’re in Aberdeenshire, Scotland for fun and adventure!

1. Alastrean Circuit

Alastrean Circuit

This peaceful walk leads you through picturesque woodland and fields, with vast amounts of flat land that will have your dog running for hours on end. This kind of area is ideal for casual games of fetch, so consider stocking up on balls before you set off. There are areas where it is advised you clip the lead on for a bit, so do be prepared to do so should you take this route. Despite this, you’re sure to enjoy this quiet country walk!

2. Castle Fraser

Castle Fraser

For every dog walker with even a little interest in history, this is sure to be a great walk for you and your dog. With several points of historical interest, this is not a walk to miss. If you’re planning a day out that includes your dog, then why not bring a picnic along? After all, there’s nothing nicer than everyone enjoying a walk together! With forests and water that your dog will no doubt enjoy swimming in, this route has every canines favourite things. Do be warned that if you go after it’s been raining you may need your wellie boots!

3. Drummy Wood

Drummy Wood

This forest walk really is one of beauty. Peaceful, and consisting mainly of flat land, this walk is really the best way to enjoy nature and the time you get to spend with your dog. If you’re quiet enough you may get a peek at some of the glorious birds and animals that live in the forest, and with over five kilometers to walk you’re sure to have a few chances to spot some!

4. Banff


A historical and iconic coastal town has so many great walks to offer, whether you fancy taking a stroll along the coast, or want to walk through grassy areas instead, you’re sure to find something you like. If you’re interested in boats, this town holds the Scottish small boat festival, and so you might consider making a trip up with your furry friend for the occasion. A village filled with such interesting architecture and walking spots is not one to miss.

5. Bennachie


This hill ridge may not be tall, but the walk is spectacular. If you’re in a hiking mood and you have a dog that requires a really good run then this is the walk for you! Bennachie is the site of an old Iron Age hill fort, and from the top you can gaze across the surrounding area and determine where you and your canine pal will be travelling to next. With heather filled hills, forest, and a winding river the possibilities are endless on this great adventure that you and your dog will share.


So there we are with another week, and another list of wonderful walks. Next week we will be looking at Cheshire, so join us again for our travels across the United Kingdom!

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Herefordshire

Here we come again with more dog walks for you and your best friend to take. Hopefully you enjoyed your long weekend, and some equally long walks with it! This week we’re taking a trip to Herefordshire where we will present you all with another five excellent walking spots. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a great new place to walk!

1. Amwell Nature Reserve

Amwell Nature Reserve

If there is one thing I can say about this walk, it’s that it’s beautiful. Wide open spaces and a little bubbling stream make this picturesque walk almost to good to be true. Your dog is sure to love this adventure, and you are definitely going to enjoy the peaceful aura that accompanies this delightful route. With all these spaces to run an frolic, why not nip over to our website and grab a ball or two to keep your dog entertained?

2. May Hill

May Hill

A favourite with many walkers in the county, this large open grassland is perfect for the warm Spring days that we are both currently enjoying, and will continue to do so until Summer. Another relaxing walk, this route has something else to offer on top of it – spectacular views. You can see across the Severn Plain, and it is a truly wonderful sight. For those of you who appreciate excellent scenery while walking, this is certainly the route to take and you likely won’t be regretting it. Bring a ball for a few light games of fetch and take some time to enjoy yourself while your dog explores and has an equally great time.

3. Brockhampton Estate

Brockhampton Estate

Ancient woodland is the star of this walk, and the romantic setting is just the icing on the cake. Of course, the use of romantic here can be taken in both senses of the word, and it certainly fits both the emotion and the style. Situated by a quaint medieval cottage this historical walk is sure to be enjoyed by both you and your furry friend. Ruins and wooden sculptures are just the beginning of this wild adventure, and the sights are sure to fill you with awe. If you are the quiet type of walker, you may be lucky enough to see some of the wildlife in the area. Of course, with all your adventuring you’re sure to get hungry and thirsty before long – be sure to visit the cafe on site to refresh yourself (and your dog) before the journey home.

4. Bodenham


This circular route takes your around the lovely little town of Bodenham. The route is not too long, but long enough to have your dog feeling a bit worn out after. There is a road for part of the walk, so do be sure to put your dog on the lead for that part! The town itself is quite lovely, and the walk will lead you past and through many interesting sites, from churches to an Iron Age hill fort. The historian dog walker is sure to love this one, as is their dog.  With a beautiful lake, and a little nature reserve to walk through, if you’re looking for a walk that isn’t too strenuous with an element of lead walking then this is the one for you. It goes without saying that you should  be sure to check of the local pubs and inns on your travels across the town – you and your dog will surely be in need of a beverage!

5. Shobdon Circular Walk


This circular walk is quite long and is filled with all sorts of interesting things for your dog. The mixed tree woodland is a lovely sight, and one that you will both enjoy travelling through. With steep slopes to climb up, this walk is sure to be a good one for those of you who enjoy a slightly challenging walk. These walks are always great though, as they provide excellent exercise for you and your dog. This loop will lead you all over the place, from wood to field, to hill, and by the end of it you and your dog will be ready to snuggle up in one of our lovely dog beds for a well deserved rest – after a quick stop at the pub of course!


Thank you for a reading another week of walks, and we hope that you are able to find a great new place to walk. Next week we will be visiting Aberdeenshire, so be sure to check back in for more areas to look at and hopefully visit!

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Hertfordshire

Welcome back to another installment of the 5 great places to walk your dog! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying all of our walking destinations, and maybe you’ve tried a few out yourself. If you have, we’d love to see some of your photos in the comments or maybe sent into our Philomena London Facebook page!

This week we’re taking a look at the walks in Hertfordshire, so clip on your dog’s lead, get out of the house, and start looking for a new walk time adventure!

1. Radwell Meadows

Radwell Meadows

As always, I am sure to put in at least one accessible walk every week. This week I bring you Radwell Meadows, which is 13 miles of beautiful open land. The flat, paved routes make this both an excellent walk for those of you who need more accessible travels, but also for the walker who is looking for an easy walk with their dog. If you are into wooded areas, however, there is a small one to be found within the open land. This particular walk would be the perfect opportunity to use one of our Beco Rope Balls for a fantastic and energetic game of fetch, so why not pick one up from our website and have a game with your dog?

2. Northaw Great Wood

Northaw Great Wood

Perfect for the age old art of Picnics in the woods, this walk is both wonderful and peaceful. Take a little basket of food and be sure to take advantage of the picnic tables along the route. With loads of wildlife to see and a forest filled with nature, this walk is sure to please everyone involved – including the dog! With a sweet little river, this woodland walk is sure to encourage your dog to explore and sniff to their heart’s content. For the historian dog walker, one of the routes takes you to an old WWII site, so do be sure to check it out!

3. Therfied Heath

Therfield Heath

If you’re looking to walk aimlessly for miles then I think we found the perfect walk for you. Hundreds of dogs are walked on this heath, and so for a day of mindless walking and socialisation with other dogs I couldn’t recommend this walk more! Whether you stay on or off the path it won’t challenge you and so while your dog wanders and interacts you can have some time with your thoughts and yourself. After you’ve enjoyed your wander, why not stop at the local dog-friendly pub for a quick refreshment (of the non-alcoholic type if you’re driving) before the journey home?

4. Colney Heath

Colney Heath

Another relaxing walk, this health-land is large and open, with some woodland spotted around and a little stream. A picturesque and peaceful stroll, it’s sure to be great fir you and your furry friend, after all you both need some time to unwind with a little peace and quiet. This walk can be made as long or as short as you like, with some extended routes stretching across to some fishing areas. If you do decide to take a particularly long route, however, do be careful when you come to the road as it can get quite busy so do be sure to put your dog on a lead before you cross! When you’re finished your walk, you’re very close to the town, so maybe stop by in one of the local pubs or cafes for a refreshing beverage or even a spot of lunch.

5. Hyde Lane

Hyde Lane

Our final walk this week is at Hyde Lane, which is a combination of woodland, open fields, and (every dog’s favourite) a river. With several different routes to take, every walk is sure to be a new adventure, although if your dog loves to swim and play in the water we recommend the water route. With the ability to make the walk as long or as short as you like, there is no end to the combination of walking activities you and your dog can take part in. There’s even something for the historian dog walker, with an excellent and informative information board on the Roman villa site that can be found in Hyde Lane’s surrounding fields, so be sure to take a look and maybe learn some new and interesting facts about the area.


Thank you for reading another week of 5 great places to walk your dog, hopefully you have some enjoyable walks ahead of you and maybe you’ll take this long weekend to give them a go. Next week we’ll be looking at Herefordshire, so be sure to tune in again next Friday for the latest news on where to walk and why!

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Shropshire

Another week, and another installment in our epic tour across the country, highlighting the five best places to walk your dog in each county. This week we’re moving up to Shropshire. Hopefully you’ll find some great places to walk your dog, and so without further ado here we have the top 5…

1. Ludlow Castle

Ludlow Castle

For the historic dog walker, this walk adds a little bit of history to your experience. The surfaces are generally very hard, and so I would recommend this for those of you that have difficulty walking. There are one or two steep hills but these are avoidable as there are other routes if need be. Situated by a beautiful river, your dog can run free and play in the surrounding area. Be sure to visit the cafe after for some refreshment!

2. Granville Country Park

Granville Country Park

This country park is perfect for those long, relaxing walks. Whether it’s summer or winter, you and your furry friend are sure to enjoy this walk. If you stick to the main path it’s very smooth and flat, which is good for any of you who have difficulty with mobility. If you feel like exploring there are several smaller, rockier paths that you can take instead which are great for exploration.

3. Vinnalls Loop

Vinnalls Loop

This walk is just great. Filled with hills and forest, it’s a place of exploration gone mad. As if that wasn’t enough to keep your dog happy there’s also water on route that your dog will no doubt dive straight into. This walk is big and bold, so you best be prepared for a good work out! There are some areas with livestock on the route, and in these areas you must put your dog on a lead, so don’t forget.

4. Blackpool Loop

Blackpool Loop

For the archaeologist within you, this route is a plethora of discoveries from ancient quarries to Iron Age hill forts – you’d be a fool not to check it out! Aside from that, this walk has wide open spaces and some wooded areas that your dog is sure to love running through. If your dog worries livestock, be sure to watch out for the areas containing them so you can put them on a lead though! Other than that, this walk is sure to be relaxing and enjoyable for you both.

5. Ironbridge


If you find yourself looking for a lead walk that is pleasant and interesting, then perhaps you will consider this route. A key part of our history, Ironbridge is really quite spectacular, and dogs are welcome pretty much everywhere around it (and by that I mean the castles and other historical sites) as long as they are on the lead. Perhaps take some time to admire this historic town, and maybe visit a few of the local pubs and cafes for a nice lunch or dinner.


Thank you for reading another week of 5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog. Next week we will be looking at Hertfordshire, so watch this space! Until then, why not nip over to our website and maybe think about stocking up on dog walking supplies – don’t forget your poo bags!

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: West Midlands

Here we are with another Friday post on the great places to walk your dog. This week we are focusing on the West Midlands, and so for those of you that live in and around the area it’s finally your turn! I’m sure you will find some great places to explore this week, and you and your dog will have a great time.

1. Barr Beacon

Barr Beacon

Both a historical site and a nature reserve, this walk is great for the dog walkers that enjoy these two areas of interest. For those of you that enjoy stargazing this place is just perfect for that as well. After all, the walk is about both you and your dog enjoying themselves. The area is really quite beautiful and consists mainly of flat land with some hilly areas. In fact, I would say that this location would be a great place for you to use one of you Beco Balls for playing fetch with your dog. They’re bound to love it as well as get some great exercise.

2. Malvern Hills

Malvern Hills

With several different commons to walk across, this location is definitely one that you’ll have to come back to. Partly because you definitely cannot get across all of it in one walk, but also because it’s just really lovely and one visit really isn’t enough. You might just find this is your new regular walking spot! A word of warning, however. If your dog does not like livestock or tends to worry them, I would not suggest that you walk them here as there are sheep about that are used to keep the grass down and generally maintain the area.

3. Kingsbury Water Park

Kingsbury Water Park

Here, there are lots of open spaces for your dog to play in. A family friendly park, this area has a lot to offer. Of course, some restrictions to access for your dogs and rules with leads do apply in certain areas, like the children’s play area, but other than that this park is just brilliant for relaxing walks with your family. With places to eat in the area, you might want to try out some of the treats and coffee available either on the way there or perhaps after you’ve gone for your adventure.

4. Kinver Edge

Kinver Edge

Forests and hills always make for an interesting dog walk, and Kinver Edge is no exception. As you walk you may notice there are houses built into the rocks, which is quite interesting to look at and learn about. Your furry friend is sure to find this walk just great, especially considering the woodland area. When you get to the summit there is a glorious view that is quite difficult to beat. before you continue through wood and field. Be sure to go prepared for a long and energetic walk – I know your dog will be!

5. Clent Hills

Clent Hills

This place is nothing short of dog paradise. Pools, forest, mud, and open grassland are sure to be a utopia for your canine companion. The rustic paths will lead you through fields and woodland, all of which will offer exciting new sounds and smells to your dog, as well as an excellent adventure for you. Be sure to wear wellies in the winter and spring months as there is no guarantee you’ll get out of there mud-free! The dog friendly pubs nearby can offer you some warming food as a reward for your arduous walking, but it’s sure to be a great experience for you and your best friend.


Thank you for reading another week of the 5 great places to walk your dog! Next week we will be looking at Shropshire, and so as we move up north those of you in the area should look forward to some great places to walk this time next week! Stay tuned!

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Cumbria

Once again, you are joining us for our Friday walking guide across the country. This week, we are continuing our tour in Cumbria. For those of you who live in and around the area, there’s the possibility that you might find a place to walk that you didn’t know was there before. Even if you don’t live in the close area, you might find yourself wanting to travel that little bit further for a new sense of adventure.

1. Tarn Hows

Tarn Hows

This is an absolutely stunning place to walk your dog. The scenery is glorious, and if you don’t feel like wandering through narrow, fading paths there is a solid tracks that will lead you on an approximately hour long walk by the lake, through open spaces, and woodland. There are livestock in some of the open spaces and so if you are afraid your dog will chase or be spooked it would be wise to keep them on a lead during this part of the walk.

The main place to really walk in Cumbria is the Lake District. The remaining places are all within that as they are truly spectacular walks. With a place that big, there’s certainly a lot of different walks that can be found within the Lake District.

2. Corpse Lane, Loweswater

Corpse Lane

This lovely little route has a remarkably peaceful feel to it. The walk takes you around a picturesque little lake and through a scenic woodland that is home to a large number of red squirrels – an incredibly rare site in this time. You and your dog are sure to enjoy this calming little route.

3. Greendale and Middle Fell

Greendale and Middle Fell

These valleys are just breathtaking. An area that i certainly quieter than the heartland, if you’re looking for an area to walk that has much less visitors than a lot of the Lake District then this is the area for you. The open land and waters are perfect for long walks for you and your dog – as well as offering a great place for your dog to have some fun swimming (and a bit of extra exercise!).

4. Buttermere to Rannerdale

Buttermere to Rannerdale

This route is definitely the most accessible of those listed today. It is an easy route to along, with some very scenic views and a peaceful journey along the waterside. At the tip of this route there is a lovely pebble beach that is great for casual family days out. There’s a pub en route that gives a glorious view of the Melbreak mountain. This is certainly a great route for you and your furry friend to take. Of course, if you’re looking for a route that is challenging there is one that runs along the same lines but offers a difficult walk.

5. Seathewaite


The bridges on this walk are hundreds of years old and wonderfully made. They are reminiscent of something from a fairy tale (you half expect to find a troll under one). The open spaces surrounding the bridge and found along the route are perfect for games of fetch with your dog and will offer hours of exploration and play time. This route is highly recommended and really is beautiful.


Thank you for reading another Friday of 5 great places to walk your dog! Next week we will be looking at the places to walk in Cornwall so please be sure to check back!

5 Great Places to Walk Your Dog: Devon

Another week, and another update on the great places to walk your dog. As usual, we have five places to show you that we think would be great for you and your furry friend. Sit back and enjoy our continued guide across the country.

1. Haldon Forest Park

Haldon Forest Park

This week I’m going to start with the wheelchair accessible route. This place is really good for those of you who are not physically able and have a hard time getting around. There are actually quite a large number of trails you can take, and the majority of them are solid tracks so you won’t come across any bumps in the road on your travels. Aside from you loving this area, your dog is going to go mad for it. If there’s one thing I have found with dogs over the years (through walking our own) it’s that they love walking through forests. New smells, new dogs, what more could your dog want? A sweet cafe and toilet facilities are available on site, and I will say that parking is expensive, but well worth the walk.

2. Northam Burrows

Northam Burrows

This great site combines grassland and the beach. It acts as an access point to the stretch of beach in the village Westward Ho! and will surely leave your dog exhausted. The burrows are a site of scientific importance due to the wildlife and habitats there. There is a rule that if you are asked to put your dog on a lead you must, but there is still the beach to walk and run along should that happen. The burrows are so picturesque that it’s something I do not recommend missing. This area is made up of salt marshes, sand dunes, grassland, and a two mile beach. After this walk your dog is sure to need a long sleep, and we would recommend one of our deeply dishy dog beds and a sumptuous faux fur blanket to keep them extra warm and snuggly.

3. Stover Country Park

Stover Country Park

Once again, I bring you a glorious mish-mash of places to explore in the form of this beautiful Devon conservation. There are 114 acres of woodland, heathland, marsh, and lake for you and your furry friend to travel across. Through this there are places for your dog to swim (which is great exercise), and then forest and heathland for them to run across in order to get dry again. Dogs enjoy new places, and with all the scents and sounds that come with this area, your dog is going to be sure to want to come again. There is a vast number of wildlife living in this conservation area, and if you’ve come prepared with lunch the picnic area is the perfect place to view these creatures from.

4. Exmouth Seafront

Exmouth Seafront

Exmouth seafront is a vast and really excellent beach. Dogs will love this place, especially those who are quite partial to paddling in the sea. As with most large beaches, there are restrictions in the summer in that some parts of the beach do not allow dogs (and there’s a fine if you let them on) but during the winter you pretty much have free reign over where your dog wants to walk, run, and play. If you’ve brought the children along on this venture there is a fun park on the seafront that they are sure to enjoy. As with most beaches, there is certainly something for everyone here!

5. Mount Edgecumbe Country Park

Mount Edgecumbe Country Park

This country park is really quite exquisite. The park is situated by a grand house (perfect for the historian dog walker) and consists of a number of different park areas. The piece de resistance is the deer park (although it is advisable to keep dogs that might want to chase deer on the lead), and it takes a really peaceful, picturesque route. There are forts and a temple elsewhere on the grounds, as well as a collection of over a hundred different types of tree. If that wasn’t enough, you can contI use to follow the different trails until you reach the beaches and cliffs – which make beautiful places to walk. In many ways I feel I’ve saved the best until last with this outstanding dog walk.

Well, so concludes another week of the places to walk your dog. Hopefully, you’ve found a new place to explore and you and your companion will have many new and exciting adventures there. Next week, we’re mixing things up a little and moving up north for a look at the 5 great places to walk your dog in Derbyshire.

5 Places to Walk Your Dog: Kent

Here we are with another week of 5 places to walk your dog. This week, we’re looking at Kent and the wonderful places you can take your furry friend. As we work our way across the country, feel free to suggest the counties you would like to see appear sooner in the comments. Here we go with our list of five places…

1. Mote Park

Mote Park

Mote Park is Maidstone’s largest public park, and consist of 450 acres of land with a 30 acre lake. This location is great for walking the dog, but also for taking your family out while you do so. There are masses of land for you to walk through with your dog, but there is also a large play area, a small gold course, and a model boating lake that your family can enjoy. During the summer months, there is a miniature railway that runs through it, definitely something to consider on a fun day out. Should you require refreshment after your dog walk, there are some quaint little cafes that you can stop at on your way home. Definitely a great place to walk and enjoy yourself!

2. King’s Wood

King’s Wood

This is a beautiful and unique place to walk. Even looking at the pictures of this magnificent forested area you get a sense of grandeur and age. King’s Wood has a variety of different tracks that you can follow – from hard stone paths to small woodland trails – and there is a path for every kind of walker. While it is evident there have been some complaints about the lack of signage across the wood, it really adds to the sense of peaceful solitude and many argue that it adds a certain something, just try not to get lost.

3. Shorne Woods County Park

Shorne Woods County Park

As always, I find it important to include sites that are especially friendly to those who have difficulty walking or are in a wheelchair. Shorne Woods County Park is especially friendly to walkers such as this, with both disabled access and disabled toilets en route. There are 300 acres of land for you to explore with your dog, and if your dog doesn’t enjoy this vast landscape I don’t know what it will. Woodland and rivers have to be some of the best combinations for dogs, and that’s exactly what this park offers you. At the end of your adventurous walk, there’s a lovely little cafe and a restaurant that you can visit afterwards.

4. Jeskyn’s Country Park

Jeskyn’s Country Park

Once again, another great place for walking and exploring. Dogs are very welcome here, and as long as you abide by the rules for certain areas (by keeping your dog on a lead in them) there will be no issues. On top of that, there’s a Jeskyn’s Country Park dog club where you receive a free goody bag on registration, which is a great way to help make dog walkers and visitors aware of the park rules and also aids in educating people when it comes to cleaning up after your dog. This forest is a wonderful place for walking and exploring and is highly recommended, and when you don’t feel like walking through the forest there is a vast field that dog walkers are very much welcome to use – especially for game of fetch!

5. Cobtree Manor Park

Cobtree Manor Park

Featuring a mature woodland, this park makes for beautiful and relaxing walks with your furry friend. Dogs are very welcome here, and for those of you that enjoy plant life, this park has some of the finest and most extraordinary around, it even has it’s own elephant house. The fields that surround the area and the small lakes should be great fun for excited dogs. There is playground equipment available for the younger family members, as well as a cafe for when you start to feel a little hungry or thirsty. Currently, the park is working it’s way towards becoming more accessible, and so those of you who have difficulty getting around may also be interested in visiting this stunning parkland.

So concludes this week’s installment of the 5 great places to walk your dog. When it comes to playing with your dogs in these great places, we highly recommend the Beco Ball on a Rope for long and exciting games of fetch with your dog. Hopefully, you have found an exciting new place to walk either within the area you live or out of it (for those extra long adventures). Next week, we will be looking at the places to walk in Devon, so remember to check back on Friday!