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12 Perfect Gift Ideas

It’s the holiday season and everyone has started their Christmas shopping. Everyone in the human family has been accounted for and now it’s just the pet members left to buy for. Here, we have a little Christmas gift guide, highlighting twelve of our favourite gifts for your furry friend. Don’t forget, we have free UK P&P this Christmas as well – something that is sure to help out a little with the Christmas shopping!

  1. Christmas Gift Boxes for Cats and Dogs

Our Christmas Gift Boxes are probably one of the most exciting things we are selling this season. Packed full of exciting gifts and tasty treats, they are something your dog is certain to enjoy and make the ultimate all-in-one gift. There are toys for your dog to play with (and keep them distracted while you open your presents!) and a coat for that chilly pre-lunch walk, as well as some tasty natural dog treats. We have two boxes available; the Millfield Box at £29.95, and the Hyde Park box at £39.95.

Hyde Park Christmas Gift Box

2. Beco Christmas Cat and Dog Toys

Beco,  with their love for the environment and pets, make a perfect combination for the production of dog toys and accessories. Our choice of Beco product for you Christmas gift list are the Beco Christmas toy range for cats and dogs. Beco toys in general are great quality and provide excellent entertainment for your pet, but the festive themed soft toys for cats and dogs are definitely a must for this Christmas, and with prices from £3.99-£8.99 who can resist?

Toby the Teddy…

3. Wilmot Red Cable Knit Sweater for Dogs

Also available in grey, the Wilmot Red Cable Knit Sweater makes a very warm and festive outfit for your dog. Inspired by a 1930’s men’s cable knit jumper, these sweaters are hand knitted in England using only the finest wool. They have an added loophole so that a harness can be worn underneath, and so are great for dry days out with your pooch.  At only £45 this jumper makes a warm and chic gift for your dog this Christmas!

Wilmot Red Cable Knit Sweater

4. Hawkins Organic

Someone that we really love is Hawkins Organic. They create dog and horse grooming products that are completely organic and “free from nasty chemicals.” The products are made in England, and the packaging is mostly made from recycled plastic  – two things that we strongly support here at Philomena London. When it comes to dog shampoo, our favourite has to be the Lemon Drizzle, it left our three lovely and clean after a particularly filthy walk! Definitely give them a look as shampoo can make a great gift for the muddy puppy, and even the muddy horse, in our lives.

Lemon Drizzle Shampoo for Dogs

5. Drink Devour Dog Dishes (Set of Two)

Rae Dunn makes some of our favourite dishes, and this set is definitely in the top three. Handmade in California, Rae Dunn strives for imperfection – in keeping with the Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi (the beauty of things imperfect). These dishes are solid and thick, making them quite sturdy and therefore a bit more durable than your average ceramic dog dish. This particular pair highlight exactly what a lot of dogs do – drink and devour! At £59 they make a lasting gift for your furry friend. Why not have a look at the cat ones too, at £54?

Drink. Devour.

6. Sweetpea and Boo Liberty Print Cat Collar

Hand-crafted in the UK, the Sweetpea and Boo Liberty Print cat collar is just too sweet to resist. The lovely floral themes brings forward thoughts of the coming spring and is sure to look stylish on your feline friend. With an elasticated back and shiny silver bell, this collar will fit the majority of cats, and at only £12 it makes the sweetest Christmas gift. We even have Liberty Print collars for dogs at the same great price.

Sweetpea and Boo Liberty Print Cat Collar


7. Love My Dog Hoxton Harris Tweed Dog Collar

This wonderful collar is made from Love My Dog’s signature Hoxton Tweed. Hand-crafted, it is hard-wearing, durable, and strong. Easy to clean and lined with suede it has the power to make any dog look smart. We love the Tartan pattern on this collar, and it feels particularly festive –  a favourite of our own dog, Inky. With prices starting at £56 it’s a must have for your dog. Some have even bought the smallest size for their cats!

Hoxton Harris Tweed Collars.

8. My McDawg Lilac Herringbone Harris Tweed Dog Collar

My McDawg produces fine Harris Tweed collars at great prices for your dog. With a super soft moleskin lining it provides incredibly comfort for your pooch as well as giving them the stylish look that they deserve. Made in the Outer Hebrides, and using only the finest Harris Tweed, My McDawg ensures that your pet receives the quality they deserve from their collars. The Lilac Herringbone (shown) is one of many collars available at our online shop. You can buy it here for £24.95, but if you’d like to see the rest of the line then take a look here. Collars make great gifts for dogs, so why not make it McDawg?

Lilac Herringbone Harris Tweed Collar by My McDawg

9. Charley Chau Silver Fox Faux Fur Blanket

Charley Chau is an award winning pet bed design company. Their beds and blankets are made to make them irresistibly comfortable for your pet.  Featured on our gift list is the medium Silver Fox Faux Fur Blanket at £70. It can be used as a throw for the furniture or perfectly paired with a Charley Chau bed. All Charley Chau products are machine washable, so important to dog owners!

Silver Fox Faux Fur Blanket by Charley Chau


10. John Whitaker International Union Jack Dog Coat

John Whitaker’s Union Jack dog coat has definitely been one of our best sellers this year. The only downside is that there is a limited supply as they are a limited edition coat. With a warm and fleecy inside and a waterproof outside they make a perfect, and affordable coat – ideal for the icy winter months ahead. If you want one of these for your pooch it’s best to grab one sooner rather than later because when these are gone, they’re gone for good. Grab yours now for only £20!

John Whitaker International Union Jack Dog Coat

11. The Natural Dog Food Company Chicken Treats

The Natural Dog Food Company is one of our newest suppliers, and we are so glad to have taken them on. Based on the same delicious and wholesome principles as their complete foods, Natural Dog Food Company Treats offer a tasty, low calorie, hypoallergenic treat that your dog will love. Whether you’re looking for an effective yet healthy training treat or simply to pamper your dog day-to-day, Natural Dog Food Company Treats make the ideal choice! At only £3 a bag they are wonderful as stocking fillers for your pets on Christmas morning!

Natural Dog Food Company Chicken Treats

12. Alessi Lula Storage Jar in Black

Alessi is a great brand with original and fun designs filling their pet range. We love carrying them, and we think that you will love buying their products for your pet. On our gift list we have the Lula Storage Jar in Black, a clear jar for filling with tasty treats for your canine (or feline) friend. It’s a great design and at £24 it makes an equally great gift. Pick one up for your dog, or maybe even take a peek at the ones for cats at the same price. If you like the Alessi treat jars then do feel free to browse the rest of their range here.

Alessi Lula Storage Jar in Black


So ends our Christmas gift guide for this year. Hopefully you found some great gift ideas for your pets or even pet friends. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Shop everything at Philomena London.

From everyone at Philomena London we wish you the Merriest of Christmases and a happy and prosperous New Year!

3 Luxury Blankets Your Dog Will Love

At Philomena London we pride ourselves on providing the best for your dog. In this installment of our blog we will be presenting 3 luxury blankets your dog will love. After all, they deserve the best don’t they?

1. Charley Chau Double Fleece Dog Blanket (£38)

Everydog deserves to be warm and snuggly, and with this fleece blanket they will be! Available in medium and large, there’s no reason for your dog not to love this. The great thing about this blanket is that it’s easy to wash (especially when you have muddy dogs like ours) and they’re great on the floor, in the car, or protecting the couch from doggy paws. Available also in charcoal and oyster.


2. Charley Chau Faux Fur Blankets (£60-70)

These blankets have to be some of our most popular. These faux fur blankets are actually made from the same material as throws for humans, and I can confirm they are just as soft! You might even find yourself stealing this from your furry friend from time to time! Machine washable, and so easier to clean than most furry blankets, these faux fur blankets are sure to offer your dog comfort and style. Available in charcoal, foxy, oatmeal, silver fox, and snow leopard.


3. Charley Chau Faux Fur Fleece Comforter (£38-55)

These beds are cute and comfortable, something that we’re sure all dogs will love. They have a multitude of uses as a blanket, bed liner, on the sofa, in the back of the car, as a travel mat…and that’s just to name a few. They’re not always apparent as dog beds, and so if you’re like us and use them when guests come over, we have found they’ve never noticed that they are dog beds before! Like all Charley Chau products, these are made with love and care, and they’re incredibly soft and comfortable. Your dog deserves the best, and these certainly are!


Thanks for reading, and we hope that you were able to find a blanket for your dog, or perhaps piqued you interest about what we stock here at Philomena London. Want to check out the website? Click here and feel free to have a browse. Be sure to check in next time and see what we have to offer!

Snug As A Pug In a Rug! Luxury Blankets and Beds

Here at Philomena London, we pride ourselves on having beautiful, quality bedding and accessories for your pet! Most everything we sell is lovingly handmade in the UK, and soon Philomena London will be selling their very own line of quality pet supplies.

The Deeply Dishy Bed made in the UK by Charley Chau, is one of our best selling pet beds.  Your pet can sink deep down into the warm and comfy depths of this beautifully made bed, feeling snug and secure.  Add one of the Faux Fur blankets to make it extra comfy!

(c) Charley Chau Limited 2014. All rights reserved. www.charleyc

Our Day Beds are more suited to the dog that really needs to stretch his legs! The Day Bed is a luxurious and stylish way to indulge your dog. No more lumps and bumps in your dog’s mattress, even if it has been machine washed!  The secret to a luxurious and comfortable bed is a deep-filled mattress with insulating hollowfibre which is constructed with internal wall panels to stop the fibre filling from moving around.  Hence, a wonderfully comfy mattress year round. The cover is fully removeable for easy cleaning.

(c) Charley Chau Limited 2014. All rights reserved. www.charleyc


Our Beco Beds are the Eco Warriors of our bed range! The BecoBed is designed to work like any other pet bed on the market. It’s durable, comfortable and machine washable and comes in a fantastic range of 3 colours and 4 sizes. Beco Beds are made from eco-friendly materials! The covers are created from a mix of cotton and hemp and they’ve stuffed the beds with a finely shredded, recycled materials.  BecoBeds feature a four-pillow design that suits both sprawlers and snugglers so whatever way your pet curls up, they will always sleep soundy. Like all Beco products they are designed in the United Kingdom.


The Double Fleece Dog Blanket  is a practical blanket to own when you have active dogs! Great with our Labradors as they wash beautifully and draw water away from your pet – a winner with us! The fleece used for these super soft and cosy blankets are anti-pil so they will wash beautifully time after time. This is a stylish and practical blanket that washes well but will still look great in your living room. Perfect for the car, sofa or thrown over an armchair to protect the furniture.


We will be adding new designs and colours shortly, but in the meantime we hope you will enjoy shopping our fabulous range of beds and luxury blankets to make your pet feel snug as a Pug in a rug – even if they’re not a Pug!