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Hawkins Organic Winter Warmer Post Exercise Warming Wash

Hawkins Organic Winter Warmer Post Exercise Warming Wash

Brand:Hawkins Organic
Product Code:HO-WW-WASH
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The original 'Winter Warmer' wash contains Organic cinnamon, clove and ginger which helps to remove sweat, cleanse and refresh your horse but can also help warm tired muscles using essential oils. These oils have a vast range of benefits when combined and this wash is a must have during the cooler months.


Containing antibacterial properties our wash is  ideal for use after exercise, a days hunting and can also be used as a general cleansing wash when time or water are limited.  


Used with hot or cold water but we recommend warm water as the perfect tonic after clipping as it will help gently cleanse freshly clipped skin also benefit offering anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.


Perfectly PH balanced our wash is suitable for regular use and it does not contain any sulphates, parabens, or nasty chemicals.


As used by International Riders and FEI compliant.


Directions for use:-


Add a couple of capfuls of wash into a litre of water (ideally warm), sponge any areas but avoid around the immediate eye and muzzle area. There is no need to wash off, brush coat once dry.



Hawkins Organic was hatched by Belle and Mike who were keen to find a range of natural and where possible organic products, for use on their own animals on their Suffolk farm.

Since 2010 Belle has fought through two different bouts of Breast cancer and as part of this journey gained a better understanding of some of the nasty ingredients that many products unfortunately contain. With this in mind she started to look more carefully at the products and produce she used herself. Belle's horses and faithful Labrador Miss Crumble, were by her side throughout this challenging time which prompted us to question why should they be subjected to products that contain many nasty chemicals and parabens that have been linked to cancer?  Market research then highlighted that whilst some animal grooming products advertise as 'natural' they still contain chemicals, perfumes and additives. This prompted us to begin our journey to not only change the type of products we used on ourselves but to provide our beloved animals with products that are effective but importantly kind to their skin.  



This bottle is 250ml


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